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    21 Things You Can Get At Target’s End-Of-Year Clearance Event That’ll Prove To Be Smart Purchases

    Deals on AirPods, Instant Pots, electric scooters, L.O.L toys, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    I'll get straight to it: Target is having their end-of-year clearance event and the deals do *not* disappoint. We're talking up to 70% off, people!

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    So without wasting time, let's talk about some deals that are downright smart to buy while they're on sale:

    1. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro to jam out to your favorite song, audiobook, or podcast no matter where you are.

    Person holding an AirPod to their ear

    Promising review: "Super comfortable in my ears, blocks out sound as advertised, and excellent for use at the gym. Battery life is amazing. I barely have to charge them and I use them every day at the gym. They are excellent for work calls if your working from home."—Target customer

    Price: $234.99 (originally $249.99)

    2. A set of ceramic table lamps that will add some serious ~style~ to your home with literally no effort.

    The lamps

    Promising review: "These lamps are exactly what I was looking at for bedside lamps. The green compliments the colors in a picture on my wall that I’ve used for inspiration. They also throw off a lot of light which we sorely needed."—Pam

    Price: $167.99 (originally $175.99)

    3. An air fryer to perfectly crisp those frozen chicken nuggets you've bought a monthly subscription for because of a Facebook ad. Oh wait, that's me.

    The air fryer

    The PowerXL Air Fryer’s Rapid Air Technology surrounds your food with a whirlwind of turbo cyclonic air instead of butter, oil, or lard. Any of your favorite fried foods like fried chicken, French fries, and mozzarella sticks can be made to utter perfection. You can even air fry vegetables to a perfect, tender, crisp; roast whole heads of garlic; or bake homemade doughnuts.

    Promising review: "Such a great buy love the size and how fast quick and easy it cooks my meals!"—Target customer

    Price: $69.99 (originally $99.99)

    4. A 40'' 1080p LED Roku TV to make watching your favorite shows on your favorite streaming service that much easier. Time to binge Criminal Minds again.

    The TV

    Promising review: "I absolutely love it! Not too big or too small, perfect size & awesome quality for the price."—Target customer

    Price: $189.99 (originally $199.99)

    5. A Throw Throw Burrito board game so you can stay entertained this winter throwing burritos at your siblings. Honestly, my favorite pasttime.

    Two people playing the board game

    Promising review: "So much fun! We had a blast! Fast-moving and chaotic. You get your exercise. Our dog is not a fan, though."—Target customer

    Price: $19.98 (originally $24.99)

    6. An electric kettle because who needs a traditional stovetop kettle when you have one of these babies?

    The kettle with black accents

    Price: $16.99 (originally $19.99)

    7. A L.O.L Surprise smartwatch so your kid can really start to feel like you when you wear your watch. This gadget has two built-in cameras, a stopwatch, an alarm clock, games, and a customizable watch face. I kinda want one now..

    Person is wearing the pink smartwatch

    Promising review: "I got this L.O.L smartwatch for my 6-year-old daughter and she is so happy! She feels like a big girl with her smartwatch. It can take pictures and has games to keep her entertained. I love that I can set times for bath, bed lunch, etc. And she knows exactly what time it is!"—Target customer

    Price: $32.49 (originally $50.99)

    8. A Fujifilm Instax mini camera so you can instantly capture memories with the ones you love and immediately have a physical copy of it.

    The Instax mini camera

    Promising review: "I love this camera! It’s small, portable and super cute. So far all my pictures have been perfect. It includes two shutter buttons, but honestly, you don’t need them. I prefer the regular button."—Target customer

    Price: $59.99 (originally $69.99, available in six colors)

    9. A Ninja professional blender to make your daily smoothies that much more deliciously blended. The best part? You can blend it directly into the 16-ounce cups, attach the lid, and you're ready to go.

    The Ninja blender

    6 blade assembly allows you to crush ice faster and blend ingredients smoother than other blenders.

    Promising review: "I swear by this blender! It came with two cups which is very convenient for smoothies or shakes. It’s easy to use and clean!"—Target customer

    Price: $99.99 (originally $119.99)

    10. A yoga mat so you have a comfier place to practice your yoga than the living room rug. Let's just say that the dolphin pose and rugs are not a good pair for your elbows.

    Blue wave printed yoga mat

    Price: $17.19 (originally $21.49)

    11. A FAO Schwarz wooden dollhouse to show your kids what life would be like if we were all actually made of wood. This house is perfect if you want your kid to enjoy a cute toy, but also have a minimal style to your home. Hey, priorities.

    Two people playing with a wooden dollhouse

    Promising review: "This dollhouse is so well made! I was genuinely impressed by its quality. It's solid and durable, yet not bulky and unattractive. I love the minimalistic style, and so do my children. It fits in well with our collection of toys."—Target customer

    Price: $50.99 (originally $59.99)

    12. A robot vacuum so you can knock off one of your annoying chores off your list. Shark has added AI Laser Vision, which intelligently detects and avoids objects and responds to no-go zones you create in the app so you don’t need to tidy before your robot runs. We love not doing extra work.

    The robotic vacuum

    Promising review: "I have a lot of pets, work full time, and started my MBA this year. The floors were getting away from me so I asked for this for Christmas and couldn't wait. It cleans very methodically, even after just one go!"—Karsen

    Price: $299.99 (originally $399.99)

    13. A pair of Powerbeats Pro wireless in-ear earphones that will have you pumping through your workouts with an immersive sound ~and~ up to nine hours of listening time.

    The earphones

    Promising review: "I just love them. They stay in your ear when working out. They connect so quickly. You don't have to keep trying to connect. I just wear one ear at a time to hear my surroundings. I just love them!!!"—Target customer

    Price: $169.99 (originally $249.99, available in four colors)

    14. An ABDolly system that will provide an ab session so intense, you'll have trouble laughing the next morning. "It hurts so good!" —me, at my abs when I get off the couch.

    The Abdolly

    Price: $89.99 (originally $124.99)

    15. An electric scooter that will make you look like the coolest kid on the block, even if you're 27 and just making your fifth trip to the gas station for ~snackies~.

    Person is riding a red electric scooter

    Price: $200.99 (originally $219.99)

    16. An Instant Pot because it's 2020. Why don't you have one already? This iconic queen has Smart Programs for fast, delicious ribs, soups, and more with tasty results.

    The instant pot full of mac and cheese

    Price: $79.99 (originally $99.99)

    17. A push-stroller car that will provide your kid some much-needed entertainment outside. "Get in loser, we're going to the backyard!"

    A mini blue car with a handle in the back for pushing

    Price: $72.99+ (originally $101.99; available in three colors)

    18. A Samsung soundbar to expand the listening area of your TV both sideways and upwards for a more enveloping sound experience. Have you ever watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy with one of these babies? Oh ho ho.

    The soundbar

    Promising review: "It was very easy to install and the sound is amazing quality!! Worth every penny!"—Stephanie

    Price: $174.99 (originally $199.99)

    19. A pair of Beats Studio3 Wireless over-ear headphones so you can finally get work done from home without any annoying distractions. Plus, with 22 hours of listening time, you're good to go for the whole day.

    The headphones

    Promising review: "Love the noise cancellation and comfort. And the look of these is absolutely stunning."—Target customer

    Price: $174.99 (originally $349.99, available in five colors)

    20. A Keurig K-Mini coffee maker to make delicious coffee designed specifically for just you. It's not only ridiculously cute, but it saves space on your counters!

    A white slim Keurig with blue patterns

    Price: $79.99 (originally $99.99)

    21. A stability ball that'll get your body moving because we all know that sitting in front of the computer all day is just not good for our posture. This is really just a reminder to myself.

    Model balancing on black stability ball

    Price: $15.99 (originally $19.99; available in three sizes)

    Be sure to check out the rest of their deals before they sell out!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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