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    27 Things Under $50 From Nordstrom That Have Truly Glowing Reviews

    Customers love them *and* they're all under $50...*adds to cart*.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A maxi dress that you'll probably wear all summer long. Don't worry, there are six other colors to choose from so no one will know that it's literally the only thing you wear now.

    Model is wearing a purple maxi dress and sandals

    2. Slingback flats, because they're cute for casual outings, but also professional enough to look perfect for the office. Plus, they're oh-so-comfy!

    Black leather slingback sandals

    3. A short pajama set so you can look put together at all times, even at night. Now the pizza delivery guy won't think you're just a cave goblin who wears their middle school pajamas still. I'm talking about me.

    Model is wearing a blue and white floral pajama set

    4. A plush throw blanket because you can never have enough throw blankets, in my opinion. Do I own 12 different blankets? Yes. Do I also need this plush one? Yes. "But it has tassels!" —me, persuading my fiancé it's different.

    A cream throw blanket

    5. Cut-out leggings that will have everyone's heads turning like "Daaang, I thought those were lame regular leggings but look at those cut-outs!" Just flip the hair and walk away.

    Model is wearing black leggings and black booties

    6. Girlfriend Collective biker shorts that have quickly turned into the best trend to grace us this past year. They're not only wicked comfortable, but pair them with chunky sneakers, an oversized top, plus a cross-body bag and you're basically an Instagram influencer.

    Model is wearing black biker shorts and white shoes

    7. Adidas slides because I see all the cool kids wearing them and we can be cool too! I'm in with the trends.

    Black Adidas slides

    8. A long sleeve crop top that will basically become your favorite top in your wardrobe. You can seriously pair it with any bottom, jeans, skirts, pants, shorts, you name it and it will look ah-ma-zing.

    Model is wearing a maroon long sleeve crop top and pants

    9. An aromatherapy diffuser that looks so sleek and modern, you'd think it was a fancy art piece you bought at a gallery showing.

    A diffuser

    10. A denim skirt because sometimes shorts are just too limiting. Listen, it's going to be summer and I sweat a lot. I need the breeze *and* it's an adorable skirt.

    Model is wearing a white denim skirt and metallic sandals

    11. Pink loafers that are giving me some serious Elton John vibes and honestly I'm living for it. Alexa, play "Rocket Man," thanks, babe.

    Blush pink loafers

    12. A simple blouse you can wear to your next Zoom meeting and no one will even know you're still wearing your Snoopy pajamas pants that have nine-year-old coffee stains on them. It's called ~professionalism~.

    Model is wearing a black polka dot top and white pants

    13. A monogrammed mug so everyone in the house (or office) knows this is *your* mug. See that S? It means Stephanie, but also STAY AWAY FROM MY MUG, CAROL.

    A blue mug with the letter S on it

    14. High-waisted Levi's denim shorts that will quickly become *the* shorts you wear basically all season long. They're comfortable, stylish, and easily dressed up or down depending on your top.

    Model is wearing blue high-waisted shorts and tennis shoes

    15. Wedge sandals because honestly these are just the quintessential spring shoes and they make any casual outfit look just that much more put together.

    Wedge sandals

    16. Vince Camuto high-rise leggings so nice, you'll actually be able to get away with wearing these at work and no one who sees you would think it was weird. Especially because you still WFH and your cats don't understand the concept of clothing.

    Model is wearing black leggings and black heels

    17. An oversized sweatshirt you'll not only wear around the house but probably to every lazy errand run you need to take. Gas station trip for snacks? Definitely. Grocery shopping for snacks? Absolutely. Drive-thru for more snacks? Yes.

    Model is wearing a light blue sweater and white pants

    18. Crocs, because you've been evading this trend for waaay too long. It's time. You need to wear them. It's your final form.

    White crocs

    19. A looped knit throw pillow that you'll want to cuddle with like it's a soft little teddy bear. Just stroke the furry me.

    A white fluffy pillow

    20. A "boyfriend" shirt so you can look effortlessly chic with a pair of dark jeans and wedges this spring. I'm basically trying to channel my inner Joanna Gaines this season. We just need ~more shiplap~.

    Model is wearing a black and white plaid top and grey denim jeans

    21. Cozy slippers to keep you cozy and stylish when you're lounging around the house. Basically the aesthetic I've been striving for this past year.

    Brown slippers

    22. A cap sleeve blouse perfect for work but also work for casual outfits when you're out on the town. You can tuck it into trousers or some adorable mom shorts and it'll just WERK.

    Model is wearing a patterned blouse and denim jeans

    23. High-waisted skinny jeans and before Gen Z comes for me, these have a ~raw hem~ so they're not true skinnies, okay? They're cute and will look adorable with literally any top.

    Model is wearing denim blue jeans and white sneakers

    24. A stainless-steel water bottle that is so darn cute, it'll entice you to drink water for once. No, Sarah, three iced coffees do *not* count as hydration, sorry.

    A blue water bottle

    25. A sports bra because if there is any time we need support for our boobs, it's while we're doing burpees and squat jumps. Plus, with the breathable mesh, you'll feel easy-breezy while cursing at the YouTube workout video.

    Model is wearing a nude sports bra

    26. A long-sleeve bodysuit so you don't have to deal with the awkward "shoving my entire arm in my pants" move when you're tucking tops in your tight pants.

    Model is wearing a black bodysuit and denim jeans

    27. And a cardigan you'll basically wear every time you're cold. If you're anything like me, that would be literally ALL THE TIME. Why is everywhere so cold?!

    Model is wearing a black cardigan, white top, and blue jeans

    You, when you see everything really *is* under $50 and amazing.