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    31 Things From Walmart That'll Probably Make You Want To Cook More

    Because we all don't have a rat under our hat to control us into making a delicious ratatouille.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An 8-in-1 slicer, dicer, and chopper that'll have your mise en place ready to go in record time.

    2. A slicer to create ~all~ the cauliflower rice your heart may not desire, but absolutely needs.

    3. A french fry maker, because I have priorities and this is it.

    4. An Instant Pot so you can dump everything into one vessel and have it cook itself in half an hour. What a time to be alive.

    5. A can strainer that'll reduce extra dishes in the kitchen, making prepping a breeze.

    6. An herb stripper because I know that you just don't have that much ~thyme~ to cook. I'll see myself out.

    7. A vegetable slicer to finally make the perfect sandwiches without the onion smell on your fingers.

    8. A hand blender that'll make you want to make every soup possible.

    9. An apple wedger so you can bake the best apple pie in existence.

    10. An iridescent 4-piece kitchen utensil set because your kitchen should be as fabulous as you are.

    11. A Ninja 4-Quart air fryer that'll make frying easy.

    12. A garlic press because I know how annoying mincing garlic actually is.

    13. A Tasty 19-piece kitchen utensil set that's so colorful, you probably won't be able to resist cooking every day.

    14. The Pioneer Woman 25-piece pantry set so your new stylish kitchen will inspire exciting recipes.

    15. A Crock-Pot 7-quart slow cooker for when you just want a make a huge batch of chili for the week.

    16. A vegetable spiralizer because who needs pasta when you have zoodles? Just kidding, I *also* need pasta.

    17. A lemon juicer with a built-in measuring cup for the perfect amount of citrus in every dish.

    18. A hamburger chopper that'll break down ground beef into the perfect crumbles. Taco night, anyone?

    19. A Rachael Ray potato peeler and scrubber for the cleanest potatoes you have ever eaten β€” works great for other fruits and vegetables as well!

    20. A Magic Bullet that'll help you win the title of ~Best Salsa~ the next time you're actually able to host a dinner party.

    21. A thermometer so you never have to worry if something is cooked fully again.

    22. A snap strainer for your pots that'll make draining your pasta or vegetables a breeze.

    23. An 8-cup rice cooker that'll save you time by cooking the rice for you while you nap β€” I mean, cook other things.

    24. An electric peeler for when you need to peel a hundred potatoes as quickly as possible β€” a typical Tuesday night.

    25. A food processor that'll save you on the daunting prep work that keeps you from cooking more.

    26. Herb shears because we all hate cutting herbs, let's be real.

    27. A kitchen scale so you can accurately measure your next recipe excursion and not mess up.

    28. A grease screen guard so you no longer have to be afraid of cooking with oil.

    29. A hand mixer that'll save your wrists from unnecessary pain while mixing by hand.

    30. An electric can opener so you don't have to waste your precious time opening cans manually.

    31. And a microwave guard, because even microwaves can be a messy and intimidating task for some of us.

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