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    28 Things That'll Help You Have The Best Weekend Ever With Your Dog

    Weekdays are ruff, but "fur"tunately, we have the weekend to spend with our pups.

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    1. A rucksack so your doggo can carry all of their essentials for your weekend excursions like their treats, poop bags, and first aid kit!

    A person sitting next to a dog wearing a backpack

    2. A portable water bottle because have you ever tried to give a dog water from a regular water bottle? It's practically impossible. With this one, you can just press a button and it will release water into the bowl, allowing your pup to get hydrated and ready for your next adventure.

    A dog drinking from a portable water bottle

    3. A backseat cover that will protect your car seats from any dirt, mud, or accidents while you go on your sunny Sunday drives together.

    A dog in a beat seat with a cover

    4. A pair of adjustable leggings to keep their paws protected without having to deal with them constantly trying to take their booties off. Plus, they'll look ~fabulous~.

    A dog wearing polka dot leggings

    5. A space-themed dog leash because your pup's personality is out of this world and their accessories should match that energy.

    The space-themed leash

    6. A portable paw washer so you can keep those paws squeaky clean after a long day of rolling around in dirt and mud at the dog park and not have to worry about them getting your new car seats dirty. Not today, Samuel Pawson.

    7. A pet carrier backpack because even the littlest of pals still want to go on adventures. When they inevitably get tired after a half-mile of your hike, you'll have the pack to let them rest.

    A dog in a backpack

    8. A pair of dog booties made of water-resistant nylon to keep your furry pal's sensitive paws dry and safe from wet, rocky, hot, *and* cold conditions.

    The boots

    9. A ball launcher, because let's face it, you probably can't throw the ball far enough for your speedy baby and your arms are getting tired.

    A person holding the ball launcher and a dog mid-jump reaching for it

    10. A backseat extender to protect your pup from sliding off their seat if you hit the brakes a bit too hard.

    11. A travel kit that will allow you to pack all of your pup's weekend trip essentials all in one convenient place. It has two collapsible silicone bowls, two food containers, and multiple pockets for any extra accessories they may need.

    a reviewer opening the front pocket of the grey travel kit

    12. A dog poop bag holder to keep your little bags stored somewhere cute and stylish. Note: This is for ~unused~ poop bags.

    five pouches in different nature-inspired patterns like mushrooms and acorns

    13. A life jacket so they can enjoy the water without you having to worry if they're going to be in any trouble.

    14. A classic Kong flying toy because is there anything more quintessential than playing a flying disc game with your pup on the weekends? Spoiler alert: there isn't.

    A dog with a red frisbee in its mouth

    15. A seatbelt strap that will keep Frodo Barkins safe and secure in the back and you can stop imagining them jumping out the window on the highway. Yes, we all do this.

    a reviewer's dog secured to their seat with a seatbelt strap

    16. A personalized dog hat to protect their little eyes from the hot summer sun, while also looking ridiculously adorable. Bonus points if you get a similar hat for yourself and match!

    17. A shower attachment that will make bathtime so much easier, saving you time and energy for more fun activities, like playing in mud! Woo-hoo!

    A reviewer's dog taking a bath

    18. An ice cream mix so you and your pup can both have some frozen treats while you chill on the couch all weekend. All you need to do is add water and freeze!

    A dog eating ice cream from a carton

    19. A splash pad because summer is coming and with hot days, come hot puppies. This pad will not only cool them off, but will provide them with some serious fun. Bonus: You can jump in too!

    Two dogs playing on a blue splash pad

    20. A doggie onesie so you and Sarah Jessica Barker can get cozy for a night in of RHONY and snacks.

    The pajamas

    21. A pet car booster that will keep your pupparoni secured in the car seat while you drive around. The seat attaches to the headrest to stay in place and has a back belt for extra safety.

    A reviewer's puppy sitting in a car seat

    22. A tennis ball holder so you don't have to hold that slimy, dirty, sticky mess your dog hands you. Blegh. It's also a great way to not lose the ball for the hundredth time.

    A dog jumping on a person wearing a ball holder on their pants

    23. A dog poop bag holder because you don't want to walk around holding their poo and we all know Fido definitely doesn't want to carry around their own poop. You can hook it to your backpack, purse, or even bicycle for easy, hands-off storage.

    24. An LED collar for your nighttime ventures so you can have some peace of mind knowing exactly where your pup is when it's too dark to see them otherwise.

    A dog wearing a green LED collar

    25. A classic Kong toy, which is basically a right of passage for every dog owner. Smear some peanut butter inside it or stuff it with their favorite treats and they'll be busy for hours while you do your weekend chores.

    someone filling the red kong toy with peanut butter

    26. A quick-drying towel with pockets that allow you to dry your doggo eight times faster than a regular cotton towel or blow-dryer. That means more time for weekend cuddles! AKA the best cuddles.

    A person drying a dog with the beige towel

    27. A treat pouch that'll make it so much easier to carry their snacks around when they're bopping around town. Oooor you can even carry your own treats. Pft.

    The treat bag

    28. A sling carrier for when you need to carry your lil buddy but prefer to have them in front of you rather than in a backpack. It even has breathable mesh so you don't have to worry about them overheating!

    A reviewer with a small dog in a grey crossbody sling