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    15 Of The Best Pet Carriers You Can Get On Amazon

    Life's ruff, but adventuring with your pet doesn't have to be.

    1. A dog carrier backpack perfect for small dogs who love going on adventures. It even has an interior swivel tether to latch your dog's harness to so they're extra secured.

    A french bulldog sits in a red dog carrier backpack during a hike

    2. A rucksack that is not only waterproof for any unfortunate messes but looks incredibly stylish. Fido is going to look so ~fly~.

    A cat sits inside a grey rucksack carrier bag

    3. A two-door pet carrier with a top-load so you can easily put your pet in from the top instead of trying to coax them with treats.

    Two cats are napping in separate pet carriers on plush bedding

    4. A pet tube kennel that will fit in the backseat of your car so your small pets can move freely while still feeling safe. The side mesh makes it easy to see if your pet's doing okay AND it has an adjustable security leash? You've got to be kitten me.

    Two cats are sitting in a pet tube kennel in the backseat of a car

    5. A soft-sided pet carrier with handles so you can easily grab the bag with your pup inside and feel like a boujee pet parent. Real Pet Moms of Hoboken? It has a safety belt loop for cars, pockets for all your things, and extra mesh panels so your pup can breathe. It's pawsome!

    A dog is sitting inside a soft-sided pet carrier at a terminal at an airport with its head out of the bag

    6. A bubble backpack that has an expandable pet bed and a clear window so your pet can see its surroundings. Time to explore the world, Whiskers!

    7. A pet carrier with not one, but TWO expandable sides because your pet deserves all the space. This is like Pimp My Ride, but pet-carrier edition.

    A small dog sits inside a pet carrier with two expandable sides for extra space

    8. A cat backpack with four mesh sides so you won't have to worry if Mr. Whittlesworth is getting enough fresh air on your walks.

    9. A backpack carrier complete with a removable trolley so you can wheel your pet around without having to deal with that weight on your shoulders all the time. Sorry, Milo, but you're not a puppy anymore!

    10. A pet carrier and car seat combo for when you want to really feel like the pet parent you truly are. "Pets are totally like kids!"—You (also me), to anyone who will listen.

    A dachshund sits inside a pet car carrier buckled into the backseat of a car

    11. A pet carrier backpack that'll resemble the ones used to tote babies, which is pretty fitting because our pets are our babies, and you can't change my mind.

    A small dog sits comfortably in a pet carrier attached to its owner's front chest while hiking in the woods

    12. A bubble backpack with an expandable back so your pet will have a little bit more leg-room when you're not in motion. Stretch those little legs, Jennifurr!

    13. A pet sling carrier that'll probably be the most stylish way to carry your dog around. "Oh is that a fancy messenger bag for his books?" Nah, it's for his Chihuahua, Trixie.

    A small yorkie sits inside a pet sling around its owner's shoulders in a grocery store

    14. And a pet carrier with a hard cover for extra stability during your trips to the vet. The bag is also collapsible for easy storage. Bonus: It's a top-load so it's easier to get Cindy Clawford inside. They think of everything!

    An orange cat naps inside a hardcover carrier with the side door open and their head sticking out

    15. A foldable pet carrier that's about the same size as a gym bag and even includes a long shoulder strap for easy carrying. Sometimes simple is purrfect.

    A small yorkie is sitting inside a hot pink carrier with its head popping out one of the openings

    Your pet, excited for the next adventure in their backpack

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