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    28 Stylish Things From Amazon For Anyone Who Wants To Save Money While Looking Cute

    Saving money while looking cute — what could be better.

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     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A cap-sleeve peasant dress so you can live out your cottagecore dreams and pretend you live in the woods with your forest creature friends. What? We don't all have this dream?

    Person is wearing a white peasant dress

    2. A cross-body bag that comes in 38 (!!!) colors so you could literally be *that* person who always matches their bags to their outfits.

    Person is wearing a grey cardigan, black top, black pants, and a cross body bag in nude and white

    3. A pair of biker shorts that, trust me, are not just for working out. Pair these bad boys with an oversized graphic tee and chunky sneaks for *the* perfect look.

    Personis wearing a white top and black biker shorts

    4. A pair of Levi's denim shorts you'll quickly label your go-to shorts, because duh. Look at them! They're perfect!

    Person is wearing a black graphic top, a long cardigan, and denim shorts

    5. A pack of four vintage-style headbands to get your hair out of your face on those especially hot days when sweaty hair is *not* the look. When is it ever the look?

    Person is wearing a floral headband

    6. A pair of Adidas sneakers you've probably seen every single influencer wearing on Instagram. That's because they're so incredibly versatile and look so chic with any outfit.

    Person is wearing white sneakers with three black stripes on the sides

    7. A pleated skirt to add to your "this is what I will wear until the end of time" wardrobe section because it's just so darn cute. It goes with basically any top and the pleated style will have you moving gracefully through the summer in ~style~.

    Reviewer wearing the black pleated skirt

    8. A fanny pack because they have come back from the '90s fashion grave and I'm honestly just so excited about it. You can store all of your essentials like masks, hand sanitizer, phone, and even a snack all while keeping your hands free and your back safe from extra weight.

    Person is wearing cycling gear and a fanny pack

    9. A pair of baggy overalls for when you want to nail the "I go to farmers markets and always bring the reusable bags I purchased from Whole Foods and also I drink a lot of kombuchas" aesthetic. Yes, I have thought a lot about this.

    Person is wearing a pair of mauve overalls and a white top

    10. A pack of 60 (yeah, I said 60) scrunchies so you basically never have to worry about if your hair tie matches your outfit.

    The scrunchies in multiple colors

    11. A graphic T-shirt perfect for basically every hiking excursion you'll be taking this season. Is it cliché? Maybe. Is it totally adorable? Yes, absolutely.

    Person is wearing a grey top, black leggings, and hiking shoes

    12. A pair of round sunglasses I can guarantee will look amazing on you, despite your face shape. They have polarization *and* UV protection. AKA the perfect summer glasses.

    Person is wearing round sunglasses

    13. A foldable straw hat, because it just looks like one of those fashionable hats you see influencers wearing on Instagram all season long. It's you now. You're the influencer.

    Person is wearing a straw hat with a black ribbon

    14. A maxi skirt with a show-stopping slit up one leg so you can show off that tan you've been working on all year. I didn't spend hours sunbathing in the backyard for NOTHING.

    A person is wearing a cream maxi skirt and a mauve top

    15. A pack of 20 hair clips that will immediately make any hairstyle you create look just *so* much more put-together, even if it's a messy bun you rushed because you overslept.

    16. A ruffled romper for when you want to give off a romantic vibe instead of your usual gremlin days. Okay, I'm talking about me.

    Person is wearing a cream romper with black dots on it

    17. A convertible rucksack bag that looks like the kind of bag you'd bring on magical adventures as the main character of an indie film. Basically my dream aesthetic.

    18. A pair of striped shorts that basically *exude* cool girl energy with the bright colors and cute stripes. Pair these paper bag, beauties with a simple basic top and you're ready to go. Alexa, play "Stunnin'."

    Person is wearing white paper bag shorts and a black top

    19. A sleeveless tunic blouse to look put together for your next Zoom meeting, even if you're definitely wearing your rubber ducky pajama pants. "What's that? No, you definitely did not see Doritos on my lap." —you (okay me).

    Person is wearing a white and black dotted tunic and denim jeans

    20. A distressed baseball cap that comes in 72 colors so you can have a new cap for basically every day of summer (well, almost).

    Person is wearing a white baseball cap, pink top, and denim shorts

    21. A pair of classic aviators because, well, they're classic! These sunglasses are timeless pairs that stand the test of evolving fashion trends time and time again. Plus, you'll look like a cool '80s cop.

    Person is wearing a black bikini and sunglasses

    22. A bamboo handbag that will look so cute for your next Insta-photoshoot. Definitely pair it with a cute floral dress and straw hat for the ultimate seasonal look, trust me.

    Person is wearing a white floral dress and holding a bamboo handbag

    23. A ruffled off-the-shoulder blouse with some serious ~cool girl vibes~ you will definitely be wearing to your next virtual brunch date with your friends, trust me. You can finally out stage Sarah for the best outfit. Sorry, Sarah (just kidding I'm not sorry).

    Person is wearing a blue and white striped top and white pants

    24. A pair of low-top sneakers you'll basically be wearing every single day because of how darn comfortable they are. Plus, they're wicked cute so you'll be comfy ~and~ stylish.

    The shoes in a olive green color

    25. A backpack for when you like the look of wearing backpacks but prefer when they look a little bit more chic and fashionable than those "casual bags."

    26. A long-sleeve shift dress breezy enough to be worn all spring and maybe even summer! Pair any of the 30 colors with stylish sandals and a cute bucket hat for an adorable look!

    Person is wearing a red and black checkered dress with brown boots and a black hat

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