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    31 Practical Things Worth Buying At Target’s Presidents' Day Sale

    Sale? Target? Is this heaven?

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    We all love a good sale, but when Target's having a President's Day Sale you do not sleep on it. We're talking home items, electronics, clothing, and even furniture.

    This is a pretty huge sale, so I put together a list of some practical items you may totally fall in love with:

    1. A pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones so you can focus on your work at home when you live in a busy household. "What's that? I can't hear you over Taylor Swift, sorryyy." —definitely you, but it's also me.

    The headphones

    2. A Keurig K-Mini coffee maker to keep your mug full ~and~ hot without having to make an entire pot of coffee. It's just too much commitment, okay?

    The Keurig mini

    3. A kid's lounge chair because after doing some virtual learning all day, your kid deserves a little spot to just *chill*.

    A pale blue lounge chair

    4. A two-shelf bookcase to keep all those books you keep buying but haven't gotten a chance to read organized. You'll get to them, I know it.

    The white bookcase

    5. A counter-height pub table you can use as a dining table, a tall desk, or even as a console table for your entryway. The possibilities!

    The pub table in a gray wash

    6. A wi-fi and app-controlled robot vacuum because honestly don't we have to deal with enough these days? Let's let someone (or in this case, something) else take over this daunting chore.

    The robot vacuum

    7. A five-piece set of plastic mixing bowls to finally retire those old, permanently stained mixing bowls you've had for who knows how long. It's time. No, the stains do not add ~flavor~, stop.

    The mixing bowls

    8. A pair of Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones perfect for the active person who likes to get their home workout on without worrying about their earbuds falling out of their ears.

    The earphones

    9. A wood-top coffee table that is so sleek, it'll make you look like a *real* adult finally. Bye, bye, old IKEA coffee table you got at a tag sale three years ago.

    The wood coffee table with metal legs

    10. A clipped decorative pillow to keep your bed looking put together, but not overcrowded with an excessive amount of throw pillows. Bonus: you can use it as a body pillow to cuddle with at night!

    A lumbar pillow

    11. An Amazon Fire tablet so you can surf the web and social media while simultaneously bingeing shows on Netflix. The generation of ~multi-tasking~.

    The Amazon Fire Tablet

    12. A faux fur pouf that honestly would be so cute as a little seat for a vanity, but also works well as a footrest for you or your kids.

    A pink faux fur pouf

    13. A solid fleece blanket to keep you cozy warm while chilling on the couch watching your favorite Netflix show. Bridgerton, anyone?

    The blanket

    14. A copper tray you can use as a centerpiece on your coffee table or dining table. Bonus: you can change the decor on it seasonally to constantly keep your room looking fresh.

    The copper tray on a coffee table

    15. A 6-quart 7-in-1 Instant Pot that will be your new pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, and even make delicious stews. Need I say more? Okay fine. You can make soups, broths, rice & meats, and even your grandma's famous chicken recipe! Ta-da!

    The Instant Pot

    16. A Ring Alarm security kit to give you peace of mind when you're either at home or away from home. The kit includes one base station, four contact sensors to cover four doors or windows, one motion detector, one keypad, and one range extender.

    The Ring Alarm

    17. A round wall mirror to not only add some ~style~ to your space but give you a spot in your home to check out your cute face.

    The wall mirror in a bathroom above the sink

    18. A down alternative comforter so your bedroom will quickly become the ethereal cloud of slumber you absolutely deserve.

    The comforter

    19. An Apple Watch Series 3 so you can track your steps, movement, exercise, heart rate, and even read messages you get on your phone. AKA the perfect way to stay on track this year.

    The Apple Watch

    20. A dish drainer because putting your dishes on a random rag you own and hoping it dries is just not it anymore. Let's level up.

    A dish drainer

    21. A dash and windshield mount so you can drive safely while conveniently having your GPS ready and available for any trip.

    The windshield mount

    22. A nonslip cutting board set for those nights when you want to recreate your favorite Chopped episode and have to chop those peppers at the speed of Gordon Ramsey.

    The two cutting boards

    23. A portable external hard drive because you can never be too sure with your laptop's storage capabilities. It's always better to have everything you own backed up just in case.

    The hard drive

    24. A round storage basket that will stylishly keep your living room clutter-free by giving you a cute spot to put extra throws and pillows. You can even use it to put your dog's toys inside!

    The round basket with a pillow and blanket inside it

    25. A wood writing desk because it's time to upgrade from using the couch as your home office and have a real place to get work done. I say, from the couch.

    The wood writing desk

    26. A 20-piece stainless steel flatware set so you can finally have an actual matching set of flatware instead of the random forks and spoons you've been collecting from your local takeout spot.

    The flatware set

    27. A pair of Samsung wireless earbuds for when you want AirPods, but also don't have an iPhone.

    The wireless ear buds

    28. A cooling pillow protector that will keep your head temperature regulated for the ~ultimate~ sleep. Additionally, it also will keep your new pillows safe from your sweat, dead skin cells, and stains.

    The pillow protector

    29. A welcoming sign so you're always greeted by your home when you walk into the door. This is great for cat people because at least *someone* will greet us.

    The sign that says Hello There

    30. A cool-touch mattress pad to help eliminate body moisture and uncomfortable temperature levels throughout all seasons of the year. No more sweaty sheets for you (I mean me)!

    The mattress pad

    31. A llama LED mood light because I can't think of a situation where you don't need an LED llama lamp. When it's not lit up, it looks like an adorable home decor piece. Bonus: it's battery operated so you can bring it to any room easily!

    Don't forget to check out the rest of Target's Presidents' Day sale this weekend! You may find the perfect piece you didn't even know you needed.

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