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    19 Moments In The Movie "Soul" That Will Tug Your Heart Strings

    Can whoever is cutting onions near me please stop?


    So last weekend I cozied up on the couch with some snacks and finally got around to watching the movie Soul.

    The title Soul
    Walt Disney Studios

    Now contrary to rumors I started to appear cooler, I'm actually a big softie. It was really no surprise that...I LOVED THIS MOVIE.

    If you haven't seen it, let me give you a quick synopsis: Joe is a middle-school band teacher who believes his life is not what he dreamed it would be. His true passion is jazz, but after an unfortunate accident, he travels to another realm and helps someone find their passion. He soon discovers what it means to have soul.

    Walt Disney Studios

    This movie is filled with humor, excitement, and tender moments that could probably make Gordon Ramsay shed a tear.

    With that being said, here are the moments that really filled my heart with so much love:

    1. When Joe came to the realization that his life is not what he thought it was.

    Joe with 22 saying "My life was meaningless."
    Walt Disney Studios

    I bet a lot of us can relate to having a moment like this at one point in our lives. (*cue my existential crisis*) Feeling this way is totally normal, but seeing it in the movie really hit me in the feels. You didn't have to go so hard, Pixar.

    2. When one of Joe's students wanted to quit her passion.

    A student saying "and maybe you can listen to it and tell me to quit after, okay?"
    Walt Disney Studios

    This scene was so heartwarming because 22 is still pretty cynical at this point and telling the student how much Earth sucks. Even while blabbing away, the student felt unsure when 22 took the instrument away and decided to play and get her (his) opinion on a song she had been working on. 22 realized the passion she had, and the student left happy and ready to continue her interest. So sweet!

    3. When 22 (inside Joe's body) became mesmerized by the performer in the subway station.

    22 as Joe listening to a street performer
    Walt Disney Studios

    I feel like this is such a special moment, specifically because it's New York City. In the city, people are always on the move and don't focus on the things happening around them, just like how Joe (as the cat) was ignoring the performer. 22 was completely moved by the performer's music and it truly made me so happy.

    4. When Joe finally expressed how he felt to his mother.

    22 as Joe saying "So Dad could pursue his dreams, and I can't?"
    Walt Disney Studios

    There's probably waaay too many of us, myself included, who have felt like we're not good enough for our parents. So when he finally poured his heart out to his mother about his dreams, it really resonated with me and my own life.

    5. When 22 was feeling like she just wasn't meant for life on Earth.

    22 as Joe saying "Maybe I'm not good enough for living"
    Walt Disney Studios

    Oh imposter syndrome, you evil shrew.

    6. When Joe selfishly invalidated 22's experience on Earth in his body.

    Joe saying "She only got that because she was living my life in my body"
    Walt Disney Studios

    This scene just broke my heart. Obviously, he was hurting himself, but he completely invalidated 22's experience and feelings that she had, making her feel like everything she did wasn't real. Not a good feeling. Not cool, Joe.

    7. When Jerry laid down this major truth bomb.

    Jerry saying "A spark isn't a soul's purpose"
    Walt Disney Studios

    This is basically the point in the movie when you really realize what it's all about. I actually *really* figured it out after watching it the second time which just made me cry more. You spend the whole movie trying to figure out what your own spark is, only to realize that a spark isn't a soul's purpose. A spark is your reason for living.

    8. When Joe finished a gig he had been dreaming about for his whole life but it didn't feel the way he expected.

    Joe saying "I thought I'd feel different"
    Walt Disney Studios

    I find this to be so relatable, as most of this movie has been because sometimes it really feels like we're always seeking something more. Then when you do, you don't feel as satisfied as you'd expect, so you constantly search for more. It's a never-ending cycle we put ourselves in for no reason.

    9. When Dorothea told Joe this story about the fish.

    Dorothea saying "What I want is the ocean"
    Walt Disney Studios

    Dorothea explains it in such a beautiful way with this story: "I heard this story about a fish. He swims up to the older fish and says, 'I'm trying to find this thing they call the ocean.' 'The ocean?' says the older fish. 'That's what you're in right now.' 'This?' says the young fish. 'This is water. What I want is the ocean.'" It's just the perfect metaphor for how we're never satisfied with what we have, making us miss out on what's really there.

    10. When Joe reminisces memories of his life where he felt his "spark".

    Joe as a kid listening to music with his father
    Walt Disney Studios

    Joe starts to reminisce about his life while playing the piano and realizes that his spark has never actually been to play the piano. He remembers moments in his life where he truly felt his spark, like listening to music with his dad when he was younger or riding a bike around his neighborhood.

    11. Like when he played music for his father.

    Joe playing piano for his elderly father
    Walt Disney Studios

    All of the memories during this scene are such a tear jerker. They really make you think back on your own life and moments where you felt your own spark for life. *sniffle*

    12. When he is trying to give the Earth pass back to 22 but she's turned into a lost soul and he sees the people in her past who have brought her down...including him.

    Joe surrounding by old mentors saying "and you are the least remarkable soul I've ever met"
    Walt Disney Studios

    When Joe goes back to save 22 from being a lost soul and realizes all of the "demons" she's been holding on to of negativity all of the previous mentors have told her. It really shows just how powerful your words can affect someone.

    13. When he explains to 22 how she filled the last box that gave her the Earth pass.

    A father swinging his daughter in the distance and Joe saying "The last box fills in when you're ready to come live"
    Walt Disney Studios

    22 realizing she's ready to come live just makes my heart burst with happiness.

    14. When 22 is scared of going down to Earth and Joe offers to go down with her as far as he could so she'd feel safe.

    Joe and 22 holding hands
    Walt Disney Studios

    Obviously, Joe knows that he won't be able to go back down to Earth, but he knows 22 needs him for emotional support as she makes her way to live her life on Earth finally. My heart...

    15. I can't... I'm crying just looking at this.

    Joe and 22 holding hands as they fall to Earth
    Walt Disney Studios

    16. And then the Earth pass starts to beep, so she knows he can't go much further now.

    Joe and 22 looking at each other
    Walt Disney Studios


    Joe and 22 letting their hands go
    Walt Disney Studios

    17. When Joe finally feels like he's ready to go to The Great Beyond.

    Joe heading into The Great Beyond
    Walt Disney Studios

    Even though he was still so young and had so much more life to live now that he's had a different mindset, he felt satisfied enough to accept that it was his time to go.


    Jerry holding a portal back to Earth saying "So, we all decided to give you another chance"
    Walt Disney Studios

    19. And finally, when Joe steps outside on his first day back on Earth and decides to live every minute to the fullest.

    Joe saying "I'm going to live every minute of it"
    Walt Disney Studios

    Realistically, we won't always live every single minute to the fullest, but taking more time out of our day to just appreciate living can really help you remember what your spark really is.

    So, what's your spark?

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