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    Levi's Is Gracing Us With A Presidents' Day Sale And My Denim Heart Just Grew Three Sizes

    Did you say classic Levi's denim for up to 40% off? Hold my wallet.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    Get ready to let go of your old raggedy jeans because Levi's is having a Presidents' Day sale offering 30% off sitewide, plus an extra 40% off sale when you use code PREZ30.

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    You don't want to miss out on this sale, so we rounded up some of their best products, included some classic denim jackets that are just *chef's kiss*:

    1. Skinny ankle jeans that I guarantee will go with everything you wear them with. I don't make the fashion rules.

    Model is wearing light blue denim jeans with rips and a light blue sweatshirt

    2. An Ultimate Western shirt because you heard Old Town Road once and now it's just your ~aesthetic~.

    Model is wearing white jeans and a dark blue denim shirt

    3. Shaping skinny jeans built to contour to your body so you'll pretty much feel like you're not wearing any pants. Don't worry though, this isn't one of *those* nightmares.

    Model is wearing light skinny jeans, a top, and a denim jacket

    4. Corduroy high-rise, button-front skinny jeans to immediately make your legs look three miles long. Plus, you can never go wrong with corduroy.

    Model is wearing pink corduroy jeans and a tank top

    5. Cuffed denim shorts that will very quickly become your go-to shorts this upcoming spring and summer. They're just long enough for the Bermuda short vibe, but just short enough for any regular short 'fit you're thinking of rocking.

    Model is wearing a white top, denim jacket, and denim shorts

    6. An Original Trucker jacket because literally everyone should have this classic piece in their wardrobe. It's timeless and will always elevate your outfit, without fail.

    Model is wearing a black shirt with a denim jacket over it and denim jeans

    7. A graphic varsity T-shirt that would look absolutely adorable tucked into your favorite pair of mom jeans and white chunky sneakers.

    Model is wearing high waisted denim jeans and a white graphic tee

    8. A reverse crewneck sweatshirt with ~pockets~ to keep you cozy but also satisfy your need to feel like a 'lil kangaroo.

    Model is wearing light wash jeans and a dark grey crewneck with a front pocket

    9. Classic high-waisted leggings to add to your new WFH wardrobe you've created this past year.

    Model is wearing black leggings

    10. High-rise super skinny jeans which is kind of giving me some 90s throwback vibes. Pair these with your Doc's and a graphic tee for a retro 'fit.

    Model is wearing black skinny jeans and a white graphic tee

    11. Slim-fit denim jeans that are so perfect for dressing up or down, they'll quickly become the only jeans you wear.

    Model is wearing black denim jeans and a green hoodie

    12. A vintage-y raglan crewneck sweatshirt you'll probably wear every time you're chilling around the house, but is so easily dressed up with a pair of high-waisted jeans.

    Model is wearing a white sweatshirt and denim shorts

    13. An "ex-boyfriend" Trucker jacket because you don't need an ex's jacket to look ~fly~ when you've got Levi's on your side.

    Model is wearing a white top with a pink trucker jacket over it and denim jeans

    14. Authentic straight denim jeans with a vintage wash to them for when you're feeling like the 90s was genuinely the best decade to have lived in and you'd be terribly right.

    Model is wearing a lime green shirt and black light wash denim jeans

    15. Super skinny jeans because sometimes you want to wear of pair of jeans that look painted onto your body and that's your right, boo.

    Model is wearing a white top and black denim skinny jeans

    16. Denim shortalls that will be your staple piece as soon as the weather warms up. It's comfortable, versatile, and just so darn so cute.

    Model is wearing a light blue hoodies and a light wash denim shortall

    17. A fleece crewneck sweatshirt so comfortable, you'll probably just end up making it your DNS (designated napping sweatshirt).

    Model is wearing olive pants and a blue crewneck sweatshirt

    18. Skinny fit denim jeans with a light wash that will work so perfectly with a basic long sleeve top and even a little dressed up with a button-down shirt.

    Model is wearing a black sweater and dark denim jeans

    19. High-rise skinny jeans you'll wear so much, you'll be thanking your past self for making this purchase.

    Model is wearing a black top and black skinny jeans with cuts on the thighs

    20. Wedgie straight denim jeans that I can guarantee were MADE to be worn with white chunky dad sneakers and a graphic tee. Just trust me on this one. Do it.

    Model is wearing a white top with light straight denim jeans

    21. A Genevieve top because you've probably been watching a lot of Bridgerton and now want your entire wardrobe to give off that vibe.

    Model is wearing a beige Genevieve top and denim shorts

    22. Ribcage white shorts that *scream* "I am so ready for spring" and I'm living for it.

    Model is wearing a beige top with white shorts

    23. A classic Levi's logo T-shirt because not only is it such a classic white tee that goes perfectly with everything you wear, but it's got the ~aesthetic~ vibe you've been looking for all over Pinterest.

    Model is wearing white tee with the Levi's logo and a denim skirt

    24. Slim-fit denim jeans with a perfectly worn-in look, so you'll look like you've owned it for years and they're still in amazing shape.

    Model is wearing light wash denim jeans and a green sweater

    25. A deconstructed denim skirt that's basically *begging* to be worn with a sassy crop top.

    Model is wearing a deconstructed denim skirt with a denim top

    Still need more denim? You can check out the rest of Levi's President's Day sale with code PREZ30 for more styles that will make your heart sing. Remember, offer ends on 02/21 so get shopping!

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