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    I Tried Taking Cold Showers For A Week And Now I Get Why People Are So Hyped About Them

    My skin and hair may thank me, but my soul... Oh my poor, poor soul.

    Hello! My name is Stephanie and I like to do random ~life challenges~ that make me super uncomfy.

    Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I have been reading a lot about the possible benefits of cold showers and now I'm invested — even though I live for boiling hot shower sessions.

    Adult Swim

    This is literally me every time I shower.

    If you don't already know, some benefits that Cold Shower Takers™ swear by are a potential mental boost, positive effects on skin and hair, and reduced muscle soreness after intense workouts. And of course, a cold shower will instantly wake you up!

    Read more on cold showers here, here, and here. Though it's important to note that experts warn people with heart disease (or risk of heart disease) *not* to take them.

    So for an entire week, I decided that I was going to take a cold shower every morning and see if I experience any of these benefits. Here's how it went!

    DAY ONE: I'm deeply regretting this already. Cold cold. 😬

    A showerhead and a thumbs-down
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    I didn't make the water too cold for the first day, but I will say I felt much more awake after this shower than I usually do. Also, I will say shaving your legs in cold water is NOT fun. My goosebumps were prominent, making my stubble ready to attack. This made it kind of painful to shave. I will NOT be doing that again this week.

    DAY TWO: I'm more awake but also annoyed.

    A person smiling
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    After my sad shower, I definitely felt more alert and even in a better mood than I usually do in the morning before my coffee. (Just kidding, I drink decaf, but I wanted to seem basic.) Hair still looks a bit frizzy. I have also been making my showers WAY shorter. No more sitting and contemplating my life for 20 minutes, which has made me way more productive.

    DAY THREE: My hair is looking FA-BU-LOUS.

    The author giving a thumbs-up after a shower
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    I have a perm and my curls have been looking so amazing ever since I started washing my hair with cold water instead of hot.

    Just LOOK at these curls!

    A person smiling and showing their curls
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    My hair has had a significantly lower amount of frizz and my curls are looking tighter and more intact than when I use hot water. I even think they look shinier!

    DAY FOUR: It's getting a lot easier...but I still hate it.

    A person in a pink towel
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    The things I do for literally no reason. I'm able to get into the shower much faster now that I'm prepared for the cold water, but that definitely doesn't mean I like it. I have also noticed I'm able to withstand the cold water more than I did at the beginning of the week. Just three more days to go...

    DAY FIVE: Feeling like a new person!

    A person smiling in a pink towel
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    Suddenly it became a lot easier to take cold showers. I know it's coming and I have a system down. My hair is looking amazing, my skin actually feels tight and refreshed, and I am more alert than usual every morning now.

    So alert!

    A person smiling with a mug full of coffee
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    DAY SIX: Missing hot showers, but still going strong.

    A person wearing a pink towel over their head
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    If there is any word I would use to describe myself, it's driven. I will prevail! Still feeling great, but definitely missing those boiling hot showers I would take.

    DAY SEVEN: ♫ It's the Final Countdown! ♫

    A person smiling with a thumbs-up in a pink bathrobe
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    This shower was the most exciting one for me because I knew it was the last one of the challenge.

    Just doing my happy dance now that it's over.

    Touchstone Television

    (I mean...that I feel so good.)

    THE VERDICT: Honestly, cold showers have had a lot of amazing benefits for me!

    A person smiling
    Stephanie Hope / Buzzfeed

    My skin looks clearer, my hair is shinier, my overall mood has improved, and I'm just feeling pretty great! I'll probably still take hot showers but do a quick cold rinse at the end going forward! I just love my hot showers.

    Would you take a cold shower? Or do you swear by taking them already? Let me know in the comments! ❄️