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    Chewy Is Offering Totally Pawsome Cyber Deals Up To 50% Off

    Life's ruff, but your holiday pet shopping doesn't have to be.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Chewy never fails to impress me with their amazing deals and just overall awesomeness. Now they're gracing us with up to 50% of their products? What more could we even ask for?


    Many items also include a ~buy two, get one free~ deal!

    Check out some of the deals below for what to get your fur baby with this sweet, sweet sale:

    1. A nonslip pet step so your pup doesn't have to worry about hurting themselves when they climb up to bed at night. They just want to ~cuddle~. Best part? It's foldable so you can tuck it away when not in use.

    A dog is standing on the top step of a pet step near a bed

    Promising review: "Got this for my elderly cat whose joints just aren't as they once were. He inspected it for a while and within an hour used it to get on the bed all by himself. Also, was pretty much all put together just had to put the nonslip stickers on the stairs very easy peasy." —Pawa

    Price: $26.87 (originally $33.59, available in three colors; full discount reflected at checkout)

    2. A faux fur cat tree and condo because let's face it, our cats live better than us and they know it. Trust me, they know it.

    Two cats sitting on a cat tree condo

    Promising review: "it was an instant hit with my two cats. They’ve spent the last hour running, climbing and exploring their new tree. Assembly was pretty simple as long as you pay attention... it probably took 30-45 mins total. I’d safely say this would be the perfect tree for multiple cats (definitely more than two) as there is plenty of room for them to spread out." —Laura

    Price: $71.39 (originally $83.99, available in two colors; full discount reflected at checkout)

    3. A bag of carrot treats that will have your rabbit saying "what's up, doc" every time they eat one.

    The carrot treats

    Promising review: "My wild cottontails love this treat! It is the first thing they will eat from their treat dish. No more fresh carrots that attract bugs and shrivel up after they are cut up. Great for their teeth too!" —Rabbitwhisperer

    Price: $2.10 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    4. A pack of three colorful tennis balls because three and definitely better than one when you seriously love fetch.

    A dog is playing with three colorful tennis balls

    Promising review: "Luna loves catching tennis balls, but these have totally replaced regular old tennis balls. She loves the squeak, and the air hole makes them softer on her teeth. We just placed an order for a second set. Thanks!" —Adorable

    Price: $4.08 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    5. A cat tracks toy that will keep Mr. Whiskers entertained every time they walk past it. "One day I'll release those measly plastic balls" —your cat said disdainfully while grooming themselves.

    A cat is playing with a butterfly cat toy

    My cats have this toy and when I tell you they love it..they love it. They'll walk past it and bat it around for a few minutes and do that throughout the day.

    Promising review: "My cat loved this toy the second I assembled it (which took maybe 20 seconds - just snapping the plastic pieces together and had clear, easy to follow directions) and is still loving it a month after it arrived! He's only moderately interested in his classic ball-on-track toy, and this one is by far one of his favorite toys!" —Rocky

    Price: $9.14 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    6. A bag of wild bird food to keep those winter birds happy and full all season long. I know you've been naming them and creating personalities for each one. No judgment.

    The bird food

    Promising review: "What I LOVE about Wild Delight Nut N'Berry Bird Food is everyone LOVES it: cardinals, bluejays, finches, woodpeckers, squirrels, deer, cats, EVERYONE here. And I LOVE the thickness of the packaging and that NO BUGS are hiding inside." —Louzhere

    Price: $30.41 (originally $44.99, available in two sizes; full discount reflected at checkout)

    7. A cat scratcher that also doubles as a place for them to just chill after a ~long~ day of trimming their nails and napping every twenty minutes. They may even finally stop scratching your favorite chair! Maybe...

    A cat sitting on a cat scratcher shaped like a bowl

    Promising review: "My cat loves this scratcher so much! She plays in it and sleeps in it. It got to the point I carried it around the house for her so she'd always have it. I purchased a second one so I wouldn't have to do that anymore." —Susie

    Price: $15.99 (originally $24.99; full discount reflected at checkout)

    8. A hide and seek Chewy plush toy because you know how excited your pet gets when they see their Chewy box, so imagine their excitement when they have one with surprises they can pull out.

    Dog is playing with the Chewy hide in seek toy

    Promising review: "My 3-month-old small breed puppy loves this little chewy box. It takes him quite a bit of effort to get all of the toys out, which turns out to be very exciting and rewarding. If you’re looking for a toy that will engage and challenge your pup and gives you a little time for a breather, this is the perfect toy." —MBrumley

    Price: $11.88 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    9. A container of hypoallergenic wipes for when you just don't want to bathe your pet right this second, but my gosh they stink.

    Person is wiping cat with a grooming wipe

    Promising review: "My little chihuahua is terrified of bathing, so this helps me stretch it out a little bit longer. He sits in my lap and lets me wipe down his face and ears. He actually enjoys it!" —1234

    Price: $6.41 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    10. A bag of coconut fiber reptile substrate so your reptile friend can have the best possible home to chill and burrow in. Bonus: can be composted or recycled! We love an environmentally friendly queen.

    The loose coconut fiber substrate

    Promising review: "This stuff is great! I have 3 American toads and 1 Asian spiny toad and they both love to burrow in it! It holds moisture for the American toads well but also provides a dry substrate for the Asian spiny toad." —Ocean

    Price: $14.69 (originally $21.41; also buy two, get one free — other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    11. A pack of silicone pet food can covers that will keep your pet's food fresh before their next meal session. I have these and honestly use them for literally any kind of can.

    The can covers

    Promising review: "These covers will work for pretty much all pet food can sizes. No need to buy different size toppers. One cover instead of three in the drawer makes for a lot less clutter and easy to find. Great product." —drmmpm

    Price: $6.99 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    12. A small tunnel animal hideout to give your rabbit bud a little place to hide. Tired of hiding? No big deal. Rip up your hut, Bugz. Fight the man.

    A rabbit playing with a tunnel hideout

    Promising review: "I am always looking for something new and fun for my chinchillas to have in their cage. They spent some time playing inside the tunnel. Then they spent the last week having fun tearing it apart and it is only 3/4 apart. It's really great for them to have something new and interesting to do to keep them active and having fun. Being made out of all-natural hay, it is really safe for them also which is very important to me." —Sunshinemom

    Price: $9.59 (originally $11.99; full discount reflected at checkout)

    13. A puzzle game that will help stimulate your doggo's brain, keeping them sharp, entertained, and happy. Plus, is there anything better than surprise treats? I think not.

    A dog is sniffing for treats in a puzzle game toy

    Promising review: "Our pitbull mix, partially blind, loves this toy. It took her quite a while to figure out how it all works, partially because she cannot use her eyesight to help. She gets it only about once a week. We put peanut butting, apples, and treats in it and it keeps her busy for about 5 minutes which can seem like a lifetime!" —Emmydog

    Price: $19.72 (originally $24.99; full discount reflected at checkout)

    14. A waterproof car seat cover so you can drive with ease knowing your dog's explosive diarrhea from eating that question pile at the dog park is contained to this cover, albeit the smell is not.

    A dog sitting in the backseat of a car with a protective cover on the seats

    Promising review: "It does what I need it to and it's very well made. Just bought a new car, so wanted to get this to keep dog hair manageable and it has worked perfectly so far! My dog also sometimes gets car sick and this is the perfect shape and coverage to help with keeping that all in the same place." —cjdemont

    Price: $26.99 (originally $69.99, full discount applied at checkout; available in two sizes)

    15. A stress coat water conditioner for your fishies to keep their coats healthy and shiny while also conditioning their water for optimal health.

    Fish in an aquarium

    Promising review: "I do regular water changes and use tap. This is a must-have for me and I've been using it forever. It's a tried and true product! I don't have to do HUGE water changes so I never have to use a bunch. Last forever... I take care of my tank. Plant safe too!" —Midgie

    Price: $1.99+ (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    16. A rubber ducky raincoat because are you kidding me? This is actually the cutest thing in the world. Not only will they get ~endless~ compliments on your daily walks, but they'll stay dry on those rainy mornings.

    A dog wearing a blue rubber ducky raincoat

    Promising review: "Perfect for keeping my pup dry through a drizzly Seattle autumn! I was looking for something without any bulk that would still repel water, and this is a fun and cost-effective choice." —Tiff

    Price: $12.99 (available in sizes XS-XXL; buy two, get one free — other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    17. A container of turtle treats so Frank can always have *shudders* delicious..mealworms and crickets as a treat. Mmm.

    The turtle treats

    Promising review: "My little guy loves these. I do too. Clean, complete dry critters for a healthy snack. Not gross to touch and floats well!" —Cath

    Price: $3.25 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    18. A Dog DNA test kit because I know how long you've been really wondering what kind of breeds your pup can be.

    Person is holding a DNA test kit

    Promising review: "The results came in about 2 weeks of sending back the sample. The instructions are thorough and straight forward. She came back as a mix of 6 dog breeds. They narrowed it all the way down to 2% Wolf!" —Pepper

    Price: $69.99 (originally $99.99)

    19. A cave covered pet bed that honestly looks like ~the~ perfect bed for anyone who gets a bit anxious and needs a safe space. It's me. I'm talking about me.

    A dog inside a cave bed

    Promising review: "I wanted something sheltered so Sirius (black fluffball) and Tonks (tabby kitty) would feel comfortable sleeping somewhere that wasn't under the couch. They both love this bed! Now that they're bigger and Tonks has claimed ownership I will definitely be getting a second one." —Rachel

    Price: $15.99 (originally $16.04; full discount reflected at checkout)

    20. A personalized Christmas ornament so you always remember your pet's first Christmas. It's almost like it was yesterday... oh wait it was. Norman is young.

    The ornament shaped like a paw

    Promising review: "Love these ornaments. Made of heavier metal not “tinny”. I have them on display at work until I decorate my tree." —Mom2furry5

    Price: $14.99 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    21. A breath mint stick chew toy to not only help improve your cat's dental health but also the dried mint may even help with their stinky fish breath they insist on wafting in your direction.

    Cat is sitting with a chew stick toy

    Promising review: "He absolutely loves this little thing, he’s always chasing it, and putting it underneath our fridge and oven, then cries when he can’t find it. Will always be buying this for my baby!" —Katrina

    Price: $3.27 (originally $4.99; full discount reflected at checkout)

    22. A flying trapeze bird toy that will have Polly (is this too cliché of a name?) wanting to fly like an eagle.

    A bird on a bird toy

    Promising review: "My love birds never played with their toys until I bought them this. They love to swing on it all day and recently one of them started biting at the straw and carrying the pieces around in his mouth. I’m going to have to purchase more because they are crazy about their swing!"—Cyndyquil

    Price: $10.80 (originally $17.99; also buy two, get one free — other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    23. An airtight food storage and scooper combo so you never have to worry about their food getting stale or worse.. bugs. Blegh.

    The containers

    Promising review: "Very convenient, seals 100%, the bins & scoop are well made, and I received it with other items less than 48 hours after ordering. Just can't beat that. We love & will remain Chewy customers." —Shanan

    Price: $25.04 (originally $28.99, available in seven colors; full discount reflected at checkout)

    24. A mounted kitty cradle so chill they'll probably next want to get off. Do they make human versions of this? Oh wait, hammocks.

    A cat on a window-mounted cat bed

    Promising review: "I got it for one of my cats last year and he sleeps in it several hours a day - his favorite spot. I just adopted a new kitten and he also started sleeping in it so I am getting another one so everyone has a window hammock of their own. Definitely a great product and it stays put." —Daria

    Price: $32.41 (originally $49.99; full discount reflected at checkout)

    25. A bag of mouse and rat food because not every rodent is Remy so you have to actually feed them yourselves, sorry.

    The bag of mouse and rat food

    Promising review: "I have 11 hamsters and they're pretty finicky about eating foods with protein. I give them these a few times a week and they nibble away at it throughout the night. What a relief! Great food for my little hammies!" —Bunny

    Price: $10.39 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    26. A pet fountain so your fur baby always has fresh water at their disposal. No one likes stagnant water, not even Stinky Paws McGee.

    A dog is drinking water from a white pet fountain

    Promising review: "Both of my cats are drinking more water. I leave it on most of the day but unplug it at night. Add water every couple of days. Easy as that. I always order from Chewy as they are so fast and reliable." —Elvira

    Price: $32.95 (originally $54.95)

    27. A unicorn chew toy that will absolutely become their favorite toy almost instantly. Don't be surprised when you see them bringing their new best friend everywhere.

    A dog chewing on the unicorn chew toy

    Promising review: "Our terrier mix loves this toy, as she can shake it all around while biting the multiple squeakers. It really fulfills her terrier nature — she thinks she's killing it. Even though she's a small dog, she finds the larger size to be really fun. She likes it so well we bought a second one. She doesn't tear toys apart, though she shakes and bites them repeatedly. The first one is holding up just fine - all the squeakers still work." —MildWest

    Price: $5 (Buy two, get one free; other eligible items apply, so you can mix and match!)

    Check out more of Chewy's Cyber deals and spoil your fur baby this season. I think we all deserve to treat ourselves this year. Your pet after seeing their new presents:

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