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Owls That Prove Why These Birds Are So Cool

This one is dedicated to my sister Helen who already knew why owls were cool way before they were "in". Wise, caring and cute!

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1. Bubo.

You may remember this guy from "Clash of the Titans" (the original version). For those who don't, I'll tell you about him: This is a replica of Athena's (Greek goddess of wisdom) owl, and Zeus sends it to Perseus (the movie's hero) basically to guide him. So he gets to hang out with the gods, heroes, and other cool creatures like Pegasus.

2. Jareth.

From the movie "Labyrinth". The Goblin King is willing to do anything for the girl he loves, even reorder time and turn the world upside down. And if all that has no power over you, he'll turn into the shape of an owl and still look after you.

3. Big Mama.

From "The Fox and the Hound". Big Mama is just like her name. She finds Tod, she finds him a perfect home and even plays matchmaker, when he's older she introduces him to Vixey. She's in a way a mother to Tod, or a guardian angel. She's sweet and loving.

4. Archimedes.

From "The Sword in the Stone", Archimedes is the wisest owl there can be. He'll teach you how to write and even how to fly. He may seem moody, but deep down he can laugh, and has a good heart, he'll save you when you find yourself in trouble.

10. Owls from "Robin Hood".

This couple of owls remind me of an old couple of sweet and caring grandparents.

Now you have at least 10 reasons to love owls 'cause right now they're everywhere.

And I'd like unicorns to be the next trendy thing.

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