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    10 Things That Mexicans Consider Normal

    Depends on where you're from or how much you've traveled, but in general, you will find most of the following things to be "exotic", while in Mexico they're an every day thing.

    1. Eat ant eggs tacos.

    Known as the Mexican caviar (in Spanish they're called "escamoles"), ant eggs is a prehispanic dish that is also very expensive but very appreciated.

    2. Eat grasshoppers tacos.

    This is another prehispanic dish from the state of Oaxaca but you can still find these crunchy bugs in 3 different sizes ready to be eaten in a taco.

    3. Have a drink... with a worm inside.

    Very similar to Tequila, mezcal (also from Oaxaca) is a very popular drink and it comes traditionally with a worm inside of the bottle. Slimy yet satisfying.

    4. Beer with lime juice.

    Known as "Michelada", especially for warm weather, in Mexico they like to add lime juice, ice and salt to beer.

    5. And more than just lime juice.

    A "Michelada Cubana" is a michelada plus Worcestershire and Maggi sauces. To make it spicy some people add Tabasco.

    6. Enjoy spicy candy.

    From gummies, lollipops, nuts, seeds, chips, popcorn to fresh fruit. They put chili on everything.

    7. Eat cactus.

    There are many ways to prepare it but the most popular is in a salad. It's slimy but people don't seem to mind, and it's also very healthy. They even make cactus smoothies.

    8. Know when you need a "limpia" and get one.

    When bad things happen to you, you know it's time for a "limpia" (means cleansing) which is a ritual where a witch, a shaman or pretty much anyone passes around your body a bunch of "limpia" herbs and/or eggs. You can get your own herbs for a limpia at any herb stand from the market, you don't need to know which herbs they are, they know. And if you need someone to perform it, there's no problem at all to find somebody.

    9. Have a market right in the city dedicated mostly to witchcraft.

    The Sonora Market is very big and famous for having stands where you can find candles, incence, herbs, oils, amulets, etc. You'll also find people who offer their services for limpias, fortune telling and cast spelling. Though a catholic country, Mexico has a big underground cult to the Holy Death and others who perform santería (Caribbean religion).

    In this market you can also purchase alive chickens and other animals for sacrifices, aswell as birds, cats, dogs, snakes and illegal pets (like monkeys).

    Other things they sell in this market are articles for parties (piñatas, candy, costumes).

    10. Have a huge market where everything they sell is pirate.

    In Tepito, you can find almost any movie, TV show, CD and video game in their non-original versions with prices from just $0.50 (the more pieces you buy, the cheaper). You can also find clothes, perfumes, shoes, handbags and pretty much anything you can think of.

    What do Mexicans consider not to be normal? To celebrate 5 de mayo. Mexican independence is in September and they have no idea why would people elsewhere celebrate something as meaningless as a battle that happened some 5th of May.

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