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10 Mexican Breakfast Foods

Although you can have them any time of day... or night.

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1. Huevos Rancheros.

Or "eggs from the range". It's a couple of fried corn tortillas with a couple of fried eggs on top covered with red (or green) sauce. They're usually served with fried beans. I myself like them with a slice of ham between the tortilla and the egg.

7. Torta de Tamal.

I just saw that pic and I almost start drooling until I realized what a bomb it would be to my stomach.

Anyways, you know what a tamal is, right? And a torta is what people call "subs" in Mexico. With the above mentioned bolillo bread. Well, there's plenty of street stands (at least in Mexico City) where you can have a "torta de tamal" or a tamal sub. Remember, tamales can be made of green sauce, red sauce, mole, corn or sweet, like the one in the pic, and many other things.

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