10 Mexican Breakfast Foods

Although you can have them any time of day… or night.

1. Huevos Rancheros.

Or “eggs from the range”. It’s a couple of fried corn tortillas with a couple of fried eggs on top covered with red (or green) sauce. They’re usually served with fried beans. I myself like them with a slice of ham between the tortilla and the egg.

2. Huevos Divorciados

“Divorced eggs”. Can’t decide between red or green sauce? You can have both!

3. Huevos a la Mexicana.

“Mexican style eggs”. Scrambled with chopped tomato, onion and green chile (like the Mexican flag’s colors).

4. Molletes.

Toasted “bolillo” (kind of bread) with fried beans and melted cheese. Served with pico de gallo.

5. Chilaquiles.

Cut fried corn tortilla in green or red sauce, topped to taste with fresh cheese, cream, onion, sometimes shredded chicken and other times melted with cheese.

6. Tecolotes.

“Owls”. Can’t decide between molletes or chilaquiles? No problema! Have a mollete covered with chilaquiles.

7. Torta de Tamal.

I just saw that pic and I almost start drooling until I realized what a bomb it would be to my stomach.
Anyways, you know what a tamal is, right? And a torta is what people call “subs” in Mexico. With the above mentioned bolillo bread. Well, there’s plenty of street stands (at least in Mexico City) where you can have a “torta de tamal” or a tamal sub. Remember, tamales can be made of green sauce, red sauce, mole, corn or sweet, like the one in the pic, and many other things.

8. Huevos Tirados.

“Dropped eggs”. From the state of Veracruz, these are scrambled eggs with black beans.

9. Machaca con huevo.

From the North of the country, machaca is a kind of dry meat that is used in this dish added to huevos a la mexicana.

10. Pan dulce.

Translated as “sweet bread”, Mexico has a big variety of sweet pastries that are better enjoyed with hot chocolate, or spread with some fresh buttermilk.

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