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I Want To Play The Dead Body On "Law & Order: SVU" And Other Unlikely Dream Gigs

Seriously, I want them to solve my case.

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Law & Order: SVU, CSI. Bones: name a crime show that doesn't deal with having at least one dead body per episode. Whether they are alive and end up dying during the episode, or are lying dead on the street at the beginning before the intro credits role, SOMEONE has to actually PLAY the dead body. Seriously. I want that job. And on that note, I've compiled a list of gigs I'd like to get:

1.The dead body on Law & Order/CSI/Bones, etc...

2.The voice of the MTA train notifications

3.The lady who does the notifications of your voicemail box

4.A human on Sesame Street

5.The weird chick who finds the dead body

6.The girl who gets into a car accident and all of the sudden is explaining she has All-State Insurance in Dennis Haysbert's voice.

7.The woman in black & white feeling frustrated in an infomercial

8.The bartender/waitress/person who has all the exposition on a crime show, "Sure he came in last night..blah, blah, blah"

9.Take over Flo's job in the "Progressive" commercial

10.The girl who can't sing on Glee.

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