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    PornBurger Is Still Happening And It Continues To Look Amazing

    Keep it in your pants, dude. Burger puns within.

    Back in March, BuzzFeed interviewed Mathew Ramsey, the self-proclaimed "burger pervert" behind PornBurger. He vowed to create and photograph an over-the-top, foodgasm-inducing burger every week, and we're happy to report that he's still at it. Here are a few of our favorites. Warning: Don't look if you're hungry.

    The Sookie Monster

    The Kaleesi

    Bao-Ser's Castle

    Hot Fuzz

    I Can Haz Pop Tart

    Bill U Murray Me

    The Wake-n-Bacon

    Harissa Tomei

    Melon Monroe

    So Kalbi Maybe


    Horn Dog

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