PornBurger Is Still Happening And It Continues To Look Amazing

Keep it in your pants, dude. Burger puns within.

Back in March, BuzzFeed interviewed Mathew Ramsey, the self-proclaimed “burger pervert” behind PornBurger. He vowed to create and photograph an over-the-top, foodgasm-inducing burger every week, and we’re happy to report that he’s still at it. Here are a few of our favorites. Warning: Don’t look if you’re hungry.

2. The Sookie Monster

Mathew Ramsey / Via

Maybe the Sookie Monster can tell us what the hell-apeño was up with that True Blood series finale. AMIRITE?!

3. The Kaleesi

Mathew Ramsey / Via

We prefer beet gratin to raw horse heart, too.

4. Bao-Ser’s Castle

Mathew Ramsey / Via

The princess can wait. We’ll be in the corner, scarfing down a couple of these.

5. Hot Fuzz

Mathew Ramsey / Via

Not eating this burger would be the pits. Get it? GET IT?!

6. I Can Haz Pop Tart

Mathew Ramsey / Via

Uh, dude, you had us at Pop Tart.

7. Bill U Murray Me

Mathew Ramsey / Via

If this burger blog thing doesn’t work out, Mathew might have a future naming OPI nail polish shades.

8. The Wake-n-Bacon

Mathew Ramsey / Via

Caffeinated. Maple. Syrup.

9. Harissa Tomei

Mathew Ramsey / Via

Unlike its namesake, this burger probably doesn’t get better with age. Eat it fast.

10. Melon Monroe

Mathew Ramsey / Via

So many questions. What does a chicken-fried pig ear taste like? How does one compress a watermelon patty? What are gastriques, and does Gaston eat them? Nonetheless, we’d eat the crap out of this without a single answer.

11. So Kalbi Maybe

Mathew Ramsey / Via

It’s official. Burger puns are our new favorite humor genre.

12. Pickleback

Mathew Ramsey / Via

Ahhh. It goes down so smooth.

13. Horn Dog

Mathew Ramsey / Via

Hey, that’s not a burger! Wait a minute – you battered it with what? Aww, we can’t stay mad at you.

14. For more incredible PornBurger creations, click here.

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