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    22 Incredibly Easy DIY Ideas For Creating Your Own Abstract Art

    So easy, your kid can do it! Actually, let's be honest: your kid is probably going to be better at it than you.

    Get your silly beret on.

    We gon' get artsy.

    1. Make paint out of flower juice.

    Yup, that's right: flower juice. As a bonus, this project involves smashing things. Find out more here.

    2. Use acrylic paint markers.

    No brushes to wash. More time to catch up on Orphan Black. Yes. Details here.

    3. Go over secondhand art with neon chalk markers.

    From thrift store to hip-ster! OK, that rhyme was a stretch. Here are the instructions.

    4. Put your wine corks to use.

    The downside: you might have to drink a few bottles of wine. Too bad, so sad. Here's the tutorial.

    5. Use scrap wood and paint samples.

    Here's a good excuse to accompany your husband to the home improvement store. He'll be thrilled. Instructions here.

    6. Get fancy with gold leaf.

    The crumply little pieces are going to get all over your house, but it'll totally be worth it. Find out more.

    7. Make a sponge grid.

    Just cut a circle out of your kitchen sponge. Remove dried-up egg bits first. More tips here.

    8. Get crazy with nail polish.

    Use those trashy colors that you're too old to pull off. Listen, while we're here – it's time to give the metallic lime green a rest. I'm sorry. Someone had to tell you. Here are the instructions.

    9. Combine a paint roller and spray paint can.

    Don't worry – it's supposed to make a total mess. That means you're doing an excellent job. *high five* Tutorial here.

    10. Do dots.

    Embrace your inner Cruella – try and make it look like you skinned a dalmatian. More information here.

    11. Go ombre.

    Yes, everyone and their crafty mother is doing DIY ombre these days. But that's because it's EASY. (I won't judge you if you still need a tutorial, though.)

    12. Frame fabric and add paint embellishments.

    Pretend you painted the whole thing. Nobody has to know. Directions here.

    13. Mix up your materials.

    This one uses impasto paste (huh?), Elmer's glue, acrylic paint and gold leaf. It looks legit though, right? More info here.

    14. Make potato stamps.

    You shouldn't be eating them, anyway. Too many carbs. JUST KIDDING, POTATOES ARE AWESOME. Tutorial here.

    15. Make a herringbone pattern with masking tape.

    Masking tape: Not just for holding your car's side mirrors on. Find the instructions here.

    16. Use gold leaf ... again.

    You just can't go wrong with gold. Here's the tutorial.

    17. Make approximately 3,000 little ovals.

    This could take some time. More info here.

    18. Grab a paper punch.

    If you can't make straight lines – no shame! – you could go a little more abstract with the painted dot placement.

    19. Create a silhouette on wood.

    You could totally do a silhouette of your dog, too. Get the tutorial here.

    20. Use crisscrossing lines.

    Takes 10 minutes. Looks like it belongs in a museum. Win. Get more info.

    21. Create tissue paper circles.

    Oh, Mod Podge. You're such a DIY boss. Here's the tutorial.

    22. Just mess around with paint.

    This is where you bring in the kids. Their pure, unsullied minds will produce prettier pictures than yours.