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    22 Incredibly Easy DIY Ideas For Creating Your Own Abstract Art

    So easy, your kid can do it! Actually, let's be honest: your kid is probably going to be better at it than you.

    Get your silly beret on.

    1. Make paint out of flower juice.

    2. Use acrylic paint markers.

    3. Go over secondhand art with neon chalk markers.

    4. Put your wine corks to use.

    5. Use scrap wood and paint samples.

    6. Get fancy with gold leaf.

    7. Make a sponge grid.

    8. Get crazy with nail polish.

    9. Combine a paint roller and spray paint can.

    10. Do dots.

    11. Go ombre.

    12. Frame fabric and add paint embellishments.

    13. Mix up your materials.

    14. Make potato stamps.

    15. Make a herringbone pattern with masking tape.

    16. Use gold leaf ... again.

    17. Make approximately 3,000 little ovals.

    18. Grab a paper punch.

    19. Create a silhouette on wood.

    20. Use crisscrossing lines.

    21. Create tissue paper circles.

    22. Just mess around with paint.