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    • stephanief34

      I never use christmas paper for a birthday near christmas. Never even a plain color that could be mistaken for christmas. If a child’s birthday was on Christmas or Christmas Eve. I would make their time first thing in the morning. Birthday cake for breakfast! I think during the holidays a morning party would be easier. If it was christmas morning maybe Santa would need to do a special christmas run while the family went looking at lights the night before. He could swing back by on christmas morning with a birthday present for the birthday kid. Or the opposite. The family could open gifts on the day that was not the birthday kids birthday. Maybe it wouldn’t be perfect but it would be great for a kid to know that for a few hours its about nothing but them and its a big deal. I purposefully kept my kid’s birthdays away from thanksgiving, christmas, and January. All of them would be awful to have parties during. My nephew’s birthday is December 30th. My sister in law waits 2 weeks to celebrate it. She thinks its better. It’s awful!

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