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    Show Off Your Favorite Memories With This DIY Shadowbox Table

    Or just use it to stow wine corks. We won't judge.

    DIY Shadowbox Frame Coffee Table



    Old frame

    4 1x4 (cut to the dimensions of your frame +1 in/cm)

    MDF board (cut to the dimensions of your frame)

    4 furniture legs

    4 furniture leg attachment plates

    14 angle irons

    Continuous hinge (the length of your frame’s longest side)



    1. Paint all of your wood pieces the color you desire.

    2. Build the frame of your shadowbox by connecting the 4 1x4s in a rectangular shape.

    3. Attach one angle iron to each of the four corners to hold the box together.

    4. With your remaining angle irons, attach them to the inside of the shadowbox all the way around, putting 2 on the short sides and 3 on the long sides.

    5. Place the MDF board inside of the box so it rests on the angle irons you just installed.

    6. Flip the table over and screw the board into the angle irons from the bottom.

    7. Attach the leg attachment brackets to each of the four corners on the table’s underside. Then, screw in the legs firmly.

    8. Flip the table over and set the frame on top. Make sure the glass in your frame is sturdy enough to use as a table top!

    9. Attach your hinge to the frame and the table so that it will open and close smoothly.

    10. Fill your new shadowbox coffee table with whatever you like!

    Watch the full video here!

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