The Dumbest Animals You’ll See Today

Automatically feel about better about your own life decisions.

1. These bulls who were so excited to be bulls they forgot to coordinate running directions.

Remember when you tried to charge as Spyro the Dragon? Feel their pain.

2. This puppy who revved himself up for a slight disappointment.

It’s cool, we all fail at lava monster sometimes.

3. This cat who just wanted to nap on a comfy bed and instead laid on the floor in shock.

Must’ve been a long night out.

4. This cat who mistook a wall for… not sure about that one.

Sometimes you just gotta take that leap of faith that it will just be white air.

5. This squirrell who had the EXACT SAME ISSUE.

Get with it guys. It’s a little thing called communication.

6. This cat that was really just trying to find herself.

Getting to know the real you is never easy.

7. This dog who thought newly polished wood was the best place to frolick.

Wood and WOODS. Two different things my friend.

8. This dog that decided it was time to roam free in the wild no matter what cost.

At least he made a new friend.

9. This dog whose cheeks are so big he had to take it to the next level.

Fight the good fight.

10. This duck who realized it’s wrong to break into someone’s house through burning shame.

Yeah, you walk it off.

11. This dog who thought he could do anything his best friend could, but was sadly mistaken.

Someone needs to have a sit down with him over the perils of peer pressure.

12. This horse who thought it could play with a bouncy ball but then had it come back to smack him in the face.


13. This horse who is just too excited to have attention he forgot about the laws of gravity.

C’mon horse, what did they teach you in school? Dressage?

14. This horse who had a little too much to drink last night and got a case of the spins.

or maybe it was practice for the monkey bars.

15. These sheep who were so scared by an umbrella, they decided to play dead.

This might possibly be a new form of bowling.

16. This cat who decided to go down with it’s vessel.

True courage has no words.

17. This cat who found out that parkour is really not their thing.

Do not imitate the stunts you see on tv!

18. This cat who is so close to this balloon she can almost taste it.


19. This cat who thought her feet had become possessed by some unknown demon.

Probably has seen Evil Dead one too many times.

20. This polar bear who’s been in hibernation so long he forgot how to polar bear.

It’s all in the technique buddy.

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