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    14 Times Mia Thermopolis' Eyebrows Were On Fleek

    Even when her brows were a hot mess, they were still hot.

    1. That time she was checking herself out.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Right from the start, we knew Mia's eyebrows were going places.

    2. When somebody sat on her.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Those eyebrows didn't let anyone mess with their fleekness.

    3. That time she found out she's a princess.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    They can show a wide range of expressions, including being surprised.

    4. When she couldn't even handle being royalty.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Mia may be frazzled, but those brows stayed on fleek.

    5. Or when she didn't want to be in the spotlight.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Girl, you can't keep those beautiful caterpillars away from us!

    6. That time Mia finally accepted her fate.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    She might be a little upset, but those eyebrows can survive anything.

    7. When she didn't take anything seriously.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Even when Mia fooled around, her eyebrows were always seriously on fleek!

    8. When we had to say goodbye to Frida and Kahlo.


    Would they still be on fleek after the makeover?!

    9. But we were reassured they were still def on fleek.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Mia's eyebrows were now on princess-level fleek.

    10. When it was time to show the world her new fleekness.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    It's hard to tell how people are going to react when your eyebrows are suddenly even more fabulous than before.

    11. And when her eyebrows were under-appreciated.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Don't listen to them, Mia! They're jealous!

    12. That time she called out Lilly.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Every once in a while, Mia's brows have to use some sass to get their point across.

    13. When she knew to have fun.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    When your eyebrows are on fleek, nothing can hold you back!

    14. When she got the guy in the end and lived happily ever after.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Well, at least until Princess Diaries 2!

    Long live great eyebrows!