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    Updated 2 Jan 2020

    The 18 Most Haunted Places In Australia That You Can Actually Visit

    "Who run the world? GHOULS."

    1. Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, New South Wales.

    Island Home / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: lawson_matthews

    The history: A boy burned alive in the stables, a small girl was “pushed” out of a maid’s arms and down the stairs by a mysterious unseen force, and most recently in 1961, the gardener was shot by a young man who was obsessed with the film Psycho.

    How it's haunted: Guests often report seeing strange lights, feeling strange presences, and many who choose to stay overnight report seeing former lady of the house Mrs. Crawley.

    (via WebWombat)

    2. Old Melbourne Gaol in Melbourne, Victoria.

    Mertie / Creative Commons / Flickr
    Mertie / Creative Commons / Flickr

    The history: Ned Kelly and 132 other convicts were hanged there.

    How it's haunted: People have reported hearing disembodied voices and other strange noises, as well as cold spots.

    (via WebWombat)

    3. Princess Theatre, in Melbourne, Victoria.

    William Bullimore / Creative Commons / Flickr
    Michael Coghlan / Creative Commons / Flickr

    The history: In March 1888, baritone "Frederick Federici" (real name Frederick Baker) was playing Mephistopheles in Gounod's opera Faust. At the end of the opera, Mephistopheles sank dramatically through a trapdoor in the stage, to portray returning to fiery hell with his prize, Dr Faustus. While Federici was being lowered through the trap door, he suffered a heart attack, dying almost immediately. Although he never returned to the stage, cast members of the production all reported seeing him on stage, taking his bows with the rest of the cast.

    Hauntings reported: Many theatregoers and workers have reported seeing Frederick's ghost, and sightings are considered a good omen.

    4. Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia.

    PerthHDProductions / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: perthhdproductions

    The history: Prior to becoming an art centre this was, you guessed it, an insane asylum, and is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the Southern Hemisphere.

    How it's haunted: People have reported unwelcome feelings, cold spots, figures being mysteriously added to photographs, feelings of being touched, and doors opening and closing. There are also reports that ghosthunters heard voices saying "those are chains" and "it's not cold."

    (via House-Nerd)

    5. National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

    Rose Holley / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: roseholley

    The history: Until 1984, this building was the Australian Institute of Anatomy, so yeah, they collected body parts described as "notable."

    How it's haunted: One contracter claims to have been pinned against a wall by an unseen force, while others report that the downstairs corridor, once used to house hundreds of human skulls, is a hotspot for paranormal activity.

    (via NFSA and

    6. Port Arthur in Tasmania.

    boonie / Creative Commons / Flickr
    Lisa Mayne / Creative Commons / Flickr

    The history: Originally sold as an an 'inescapable prison,' many convicts died here over the years. Port Arthur was also the location of Australia's last shooting massacre in 1996, which prompted the introduction of stricter gun control in Australia.

    How it's haunted: Over the past 20 years, 1800 apparitions have been spotted and they do nightly ghost tours.

    (via Wikipedia and AWW)

    7. Devil's Pool near Babinda, Queensland.

    Resascup / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: resascup

    The history: 17 people have died here since 1959, the most recent being in November 2008.

    How it's haunted: Aboriginal folklore says that a woman drowned herself here after being separated from her lover, and now she haunts the pool, luring men to the pool to join her in death. People have reported seeing strange apparitions and the sound of someone crying.

    (via WebWombat)

    8. Anglican Parish of Mulgoa, New South Wales.

    Brian Yap / Creative Commons / Flickr
    Brian Yap / Creative Commons / Flickr

    The history: Twin boys burned to death after a prank went wrong.

    How it's haunted: The ghosts of the twin boys remain at the church, and they get angry when around fire. There's also an urban legend that claims that if you drive around the church at night, the headlights of your car will switch off, and if you continue, the car will stall.

    9. Boggo Road Jail in Brisbane, Queensland.

    darkday / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: drainrat

    The history: A prison known for its underground cellblock called the "black hole."

    How it's haunted: Many executed prisoners are said to haunt this jail, as well as the ghost of one of the prison guards, whose ghost can be heard wandering the halls, jangling his keys.

    (via AWW)

    10. Seppeltsfield Winery in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

    Abi Skipp / Creative Commons / Flickr
    Melanie Cook / Creative Commons / Flickr

    The history: Oscar Benno Seppelt allegedly went insane after a prolonged amount of time in his private retreat, hidden away behind a trophy cellar.

    How it's haunted: Guests report the sensation of being watched and pushed by forces that are not there. The lights will not turn on after 7pm. Moans, whispers and gunshots have been heard, as well as sounds of machinery working in a building that has been locked for over 150 years. There are bloodstained walls in the mausoleum that are wet on the anniversary of their deaths.

    11. Manly Quarantine Station in Sydney, New South Wales.

    Jim Bowen / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: jamiedfw

    The history: "North Head Quarantine Station was used for over 150 years to isolate people who had or had been exposed to deadly infectious diseases such as bubonic plague, spanish influenza, smallpox, typhus, scarlet fever & yellow fever. Over 500 people died during the Station's 150-year history and it is said that their spirits have never left." (via QuarantineStation)

    How it's haunted: People report cold spots, strange lights, unexplained smells of potato and lemon, and ghost sightings of workers and patients alike. Many people claim to have seen a blonde girl with plaited hair, who will talk to them and sometimes take them by hand. Others report being pushed by people who are not there. (via WebWombat and ThisIsHorror)

    12. Kalamunda Hotel in Western Australia

    Sandy / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: 33731203@N03

    The history: A young woman was seduced and fell pregnant. Too ashamed to tell anyone, she killed herself, either in room 24 or by throwing herself off the balcony.

    How it's haunted: People have reported strange noises, the disappearance of their belongings, and seeing a blonde female ghost. There are also reports of a male ghost at the pub.

    (via WANowandThen)

    13. Beechworth Asylum in Beechworth, Victoria.

    Matthew Bordignon / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: bordignon

    The history: Over 3,000 patients died over the course of the hospital.

    How it's haunted: Childrens' laughter echoing down hallways, an apparition of a Jewish woman who was thrown from an upstairs window by another patient, standing in the spot where she fell. Others have reported seeing the ghost of a former nurse who was known for her compassion.

    (via WebWombat)

    14. Rose and Crown Hotel in Guildford, Western Australia.

    Graeme O. Churchard / Via Flickr: graeme

    The history: Charlie, a bullock driver, caught his wife cheating on him and murdered her at the hotel in a jealous rage.

    How it's haunted: Charlie's remorseful ghost is said to haunt the hotel, as well as other convicts.

    (via WANowandThen)

    15. St. John's Cemetary in Kapunda, South Australia

    denisbin / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: 82134796@N03

    The history: A young girl was sent to the nuns at St. Johns because she was pregnant and unmarried, where the priest forcibly aborted her child.

    How it's haunted: Reports say that the girl haunts the cemetery, looking for her baby.

    16. Aradale Mental Hospital near Ararat, Victoria.

    Sues_Pics / Creative Commons / Flickr
    Steph McGlinchey / Creative Commons / Flickr

    The history: Aradale is Australia's largest abandoned psychiatric facility. Over the 130 years the facility was operational, they performed some of the most controversial psychiatric treatments seen in Australia. 13,000 patients died over the course of the hospital's history.

    How it's haunted: A former nurse is known to watch ghost tour groups from one room. Visitors often experience the sensation of being touched by unseen forces, and feel unexplained pains as they travel through the massive institution. Also reported are unexplained cold breezes, banging sounds, and visions of former patient Margaret, who spent her life hospitalised in Aradale until the late 90s, when she was kicked out, only to return to her familiar home in death.

    (via ThisIsHorror)

    17. The entire town of Picton, New South Wales.

    Richard Taylor / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: 34094515@N00

    The history: Picton is reputed to be Australia's most haunted town, so much so that they made a documentary about it. Of the haunted locations in Picton, the most famous is the disused Redback Range Tunnel, a 592 foot railway tunnel.

    How it's haunted: There were a high number of deaths and suicides in the Redback Range Tunnel while it was in use, and their spirits are said to haunt the location. Visitors report seeing unexplained lights and shadows, feeling gusts of wind, and occasionally seeing the ghost of a girl who was sexually assaulted and murders, and the ghost of another girl who hanged herself at the entrance of the tunnel.

    (via ThisIsHorror)

    18. Old Adelaide Gaol in Adelaide, South Australia.

    NH53 / Creative Commons / Flickr / Via Flickr: nh53

    The history: 44 men and one woman were hanged over the 147 years that the Old Adelaide Gaol was in operation.

    How it's haunted: Ghosts have been seen by visitors, reporting the sensations of being touched and scratched. Also reported are disembodied voices, the sound of an 8-ball game being played, and cold spots.

    (via ThisIsHorror)

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