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    22 Reasons Why Robbie Amell And Italia Ricci Are The Cutest Couple To Exist

    Robbie Amell, star of The Flash and the upcoming movie The DUFF, and Italia Ricci, star of ABC Family's Chasing Life are going to be Hollywood's next power couple

    1. They dated for 6 (SIX!) years before they got engaged in August 2014


    3. They attended the 2009 Kids' Choice Awards together

    4. And the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards

    5. They aren't afraid to be silly

    6. They support causes together

    7. Italia can always count on Robbie for a shoulder to lean on

    8. They attend a lot of red carpet events together and look so damn good

    9. You can just see the love for each other in their eyes

    10. Robbie gives Italia super cute cheek kisses

    11. AHHH the post-engagement bliss

    12. Their engagement party was just too adorable

    13. They support their friends together

    14. They still go on dinner dates even after their engagement :')

    15. Italia bought Robbie A CAR

    16. They go on hikes together

    17. They support each other's careers

    18. Italia supporting Robbie at The DUFF premiere in LA

    19. "Eyes where I can see them, buddy. 👀"

    20. Italia's already so close to the Amell family (especially to Robbie's dad!)

    21. Italia's DUFF for life is cardboard Robbie

    22. They kiss for a good cause!