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    16 Reasons Why Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan Are The Most Perfect Couple

    Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are stars of Disney's Liv and Maddie, where Dove plays both twins Liv and Maddie and coincidentally, Ryan plays Maddie's boyfriend Diggie. Dove and Ryan (nicknamed Rove) have been dating for over a year and a half now and have been the inspiration to everyone's relationship goals!

    1. Dove and Ryan looking adorable on the Liv and Maddie set

    2. So basically when Ryan carries Dove she's on the top of the world!

    3. ~ the way Dove stares at Ryan ~

    4. ~ the way Ryan stares at Dove ~

    5. When they wear matching colours and look like angels

    6. When Dove and Ryan sing together and it's like heaven on earth

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    They're the real life Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder from Tangled *squeals*

    7. When Ryan pretends to be disgusted by a kiss from Dove but secretly loves it

    8. Case #2

    9. Their Disneyland trips result in the cutest photos being posted

    10. See what I mean?

    11. They take super silly roller coaster pictures

    12. They go on double dates with their Liv and Maddie co-star Joey Bragg and his girlfriend Audrey Whitby

    13. They kiss in the middle of Times Square (romantic much?!)

    14. They share a slushie and somehow make it look so adorable??

    15. I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe

    16. They spent National Hug Day hugging each other, of course

    Too adorable for words!