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Mad Yoga: The Zen Of Mad Men

Love Mad Men? Love yoga? Imagine the Mad Men cast interpreted through yoga. What pose fits your favorite Mad Men character?

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The beloved Mad Men television series is coming to a close on May 17th. Between the debauchery and antics over the years at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, to the family growing pains of the Drapers, all of the characters of the show could benefit from a little zen and perhaps some yoga. Imagine an interpretation of your favorite Mad Men characters through yoga poses:

Pete Campbell

Character facial image from AMC / Via

When you think of Pete Campbell, warm and fuzzy feelings don’t come to mind (especially when looking at Pete’s relationships and history with women on the show.) Pete has not changed that much over the years, but there’s still hope for him to learn from his mistakes. Pete’s yoga pose is Cobra, because he’s low to the floor, but there is hope for him to rise.

Peggy Olson

character face image from AMC / Via

Peggy has had a tumultuous journey from her beginnings on the show to becoming the first female copy editor in the firm. She’s fought many battles with the male hierarchy in the company and has succeeded in finding career success. Peggy’s yoga pose is “Warrior 2” pose because Peggy has, and continues to, fight the good fight for her own success.

Roger Sterling

character face image from AMC / Via

Roger is equally cruel as he is loveable. Roger’s character has not really changed much over the course of the series. Roger is funny and never takes life too seriously. Roger Sterling’s pose is “Happy Baby Pose” because Roger enjoys his life (taking the good with the bad) and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

Joan Holloway

Character face image from AMC / Via

Joan’s sex appeal and good looks have played a large role in her trajectory and career at the advertising firm. And although this strong femme fatale has transitioned from company eye-candy to partner, Joan still struggles to be taken seriously in the “man’s world” of advertising. Joan’s yoga pose is “Boat Pose” because she has managed to stay afloat through the choppy weather.

Bert Cooper

Character face image from AMC / Via

Bert was the patriarch of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. He was revered by his colleagues and respected as the voice of reason of the firm. Bert’s yoga pose is “double lotus” because he is the revered “sage” of Sterling Cooper Draper Price.

Betty Draper

Character facial image from AMC / Via

Fans of the show love to hate Betty. She has been pitied for the tribulations of being married to a philandering Don Draper and hated for her icy interactions with her children and peers. Betty has grown, somewhat, from her early years married to Don and changed in the years since, but she is still quintisentially Betty. Her yoga pose is Twisting Chair pose, because although Betty is stubborn and a bit rigid, the twist represents her subtle changes and her openess to change through the years.

Don Draper

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Don is suave, handsome and cool under pressure. Everything always seems to be "coming up roses" for Don. But Don has had his "ups and downs" during the course of the series, at some points seemingly loosing it all. Don has grown, changed and learned some tough lessons during the course of the series. Don's yoga pose is Handstand” because Don has had his life turned upside down and still manages to come on the other end appearing strong and looking good.

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