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    Posted on Oct 6, 2013

    The Five Greatest Vampire Novels Written In The Past 100 Years

    The Five Greatest Vampire Novels, according to the latest issue of Dark Beauty Magazine "From Anne Rice to G. D. Falksen"

    Written for the spectacular Halloween issue of the gorgeous high fashion magazine Dark Beauty Magazine and republished here with the author's permission. Here is the article in its entirety as the season calls for some good Halloween reads and there is nothing better than reading good vampire books.

    Via Facebook: darkbeautymag

    The Halloween issue of Dark Beauty Magazine

    "Five greatest Vampire Novels Written in the Past 100 Years"

    By Nikki Lyka

    Halloween is the one time a year that everyone goes looking for horror movies, novels, and other odds and ends that are meant to terrify friends and loved ones. Unless of course, you're anything like me and for you it's Hallows Eve all year round. Here's a list for all of you that enjoy those blood sucking creatures of the night.

    1. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice


    Interview With The Vampire

    I can already hear the replies of, "Of course she's number one on this list! She always is!" Sarcastic or not, dear reader: There is a very good reason she's number one on my list and many others. She truly brought vampires to mainstream light (so to speak) with The Vampire Chronicles. It was nearly impossible to pick just one of them for this list, but I feel that Interview with the Vampire is the most iconic and important. Although there has been many vampire related novels written in past history, i.e.: Dracula, Nosferatu, etc. The Vampire Chronicles really solidified vampires as beautiful, deadly, and emotional beings in our world. Rich with history, character details, and a plethora of other gushing I could ramble about for hours...She will always be the 'mother of vampires' to me. Interview With The Vampire really stood out and it still does to this day.

    2. The Ouroboros Cycle: A Monster's Coming of Age Story by G.D. Falksen


    The Ouroboros Cycle: A Monster's Coming of Age Story

    Easily one of the most refreshing and marvelous takes on vampires and supernatural beasties I have read (many) times this past year. The first book in a series currently being written, The Ouroboros Cycle: A Monster's Coming of Age Story written by G.D. Falksen is full of beautifully detailed imagery, history, romance and revenge, and strong, sassy characters that you will instantly fall in love with. It's a rare thing to find and like a good vampire novel these past few years, let alone truly love one. This book is most definitely worth the read and I for one am excited to see what's to come in the next books in the series.

    3. Necroscope by Brian Lumley


    Necroscope is a series by Brian Lumley that I absolutely had to include in this list. The first book aptly titled, ‘Necroscope’, is one of the first books I read that had a wonderfully detailed sci-fi take on vampires. It's dark and gritty, while being beautifully written. The entire series is worth reading and for anyone who loves their vampires in science fiction rich scenarios, this is what you want. It’s full of gore though, and there are some scenes that may turn the stomachs of the most hardened horror lover.

    4. Midnight Predator by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


    Midnight Predator by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes was one of my favourites in high school. I read all of her supernatural related novels and they’re still fantastic for young adults to this day. I still enjoy them now, if not just for the nostalgia factor. Midnight Predator was the one that stuck with me the most throughout the years. Well written, with strong female characters, vampires that were ruthless, cruel, and still painfully sexy in demeanor. Which, when it comes to blood suckers, what else do you really need?

    5. Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist


    Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist , which was made into a Swedish film in 2008, and then again in English in 2010 under the name, Let Me In, its one vampire novel that was a fantastically different take on the nocturnal creatures we know and love in a very dark light, while still being a very beautiful piece of work. It centres mainly on a twelve year old named Oskar and a centuries old vampire named Eli. The book is rife with anxieties, school bullying, and murder. If you’re looking for a vampire novel that is all sparkles and sunshine, this one most likely shouldn't be on your list.

    Nikki Lyka

    is an artist, blogger, circus performer, and all around lover of tea, tentacles, and many good books. She can be found in many places online, often quoting history and Lovecraft.

    Do you agree with this list from Dark Beauty Magazine? If not, list your top 5 vampire books of all time in the comments.

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