Starvival’ is a quirky Reality/Comedy Web-Series about the dream-quest of a brave up-and-coming Hollywood Actress who puts herself into the most humiliating and life-risking situations unfathomable to the average person. Follow the absurd jo...
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  • Canadian Model Casts a Boyfriend Using Craigslist, Part 2

    This is part 2 of “Canadian Model finds a boyfriend using Craigslist.” The mission: Danielle must convince the 10 crew members filming the Bridal Shoot that this is her real boyfriend… and not a guy off Craigslist. But will the lengthy, awkward Make-out scenes be steamy enough as to not make anyone suspicious?

  • Canadian Model Finds a Boyfriend Using Craigslist

    En pursuit of the Hollywood Dream, Danielle Barker, AKA Starving Artist, books a Bridal gig as the potential Bride for an Asian Network Channel. But! This shoot involves herself and her boyfriend. The issue: Danielle does not have a boyfriend. Next up on the Agenda: Cast a “Hunky Male to be my Boyfriend” using Craigslist.

  • New Jersey Girl Gets Tortured for One Hour of Tickling… and $50 Bucks

    En pursuit of the Hollywood Dream and unable to take a day job, the vivacious Danielle Barker resorts to outrageous extents by applying to the most bizarre ads found on Craigslist as a means to obtain money. This ad entails: An hour of tickling for $50 bucks. The catch: It involves a bed, a stranger’s apartment, and bondage straps (No nudity, serious enquiries only.)

  • Nervous Actress Poses Nude for $60 Bucks in a Sketchy Studio

    En pursuit of the Hollywood dream, the vivacious Danielle Barker exposes 2 of the Industry’s Con-Artists using a public meeting spot, a nervous bodyguard, and a hidden camera to capture the event. After this indiscreet exposure, Danielle must find a way to make money. Posing nude for an “Artist” doesn’t seem like a bad idea… yet.

  • White Girl Gets Naked to Play Japanese Geisha

    The vivacious Danielle Barker, AKA Starving Artist, resorts to outrageous extents by scouting out the most absurd odd jobs found on Craigslist, applying, then risking her life to perform the “Gig.” In this Episode, she exposes Japanese Frauds posing as Filmmakers as a means to steal her identity.

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