Career Zombie: The costume you don’t want to accidentally wear this Halloween

7 Signs that you are a career zombie

1. As soon as Friday ends, the thought of Monday morning is a growing knot in your stomach. When the sun does actually rise on your workweek, it’s like living in a horror movie.

2. Do you even remember your commute? When you finally get to your desk, do you kind of wonder, “Hey, how did I get here? Was I a jerk on public transportation today?”

3. It’s the little questions that really get to you. “Hey, how was your weekend?” is not something you have a good answer for.

4. Coffee is the only thing.

5. “I don’t care” isn’t a positive message from Icona Pop, it’s a lifestyle and it’s negative.

6. You’ve given way to primal rage and had a public breakdown in the workplace.

7. When coffee isn’t the only thing, drinking is the only thing.

We don’t all have careers that we love. There are lots of career zombies out there, just shuffling along through life, miserable and hungry for more flesh… er… opportunity. Be glad that you aren’t tied to the inevitable treadmill of death (and then more death) like a movie zombie. There’s a cure for the career zombie! If you want to learn how to find a job that you’re passionate about and pump a little life back into your work week, check out Startup Institute.

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