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    • starrlynnm

      Not sure why God is even blamed for this….This is all apart of satan. No one has been mad at him!! infact, most people serve him by the way they live. Then when there is trouble, everyone wants God to come to the rescue. But no one care about God in the first place. And when this is all over, most people won’t care about God after wards. We need to see this as it is. This is SATAN and the power he has. We need to quit giving him the power to do stuff like this. Th Bible clearly states that if God’s people will call upon Him, pray and seek his face, He will heal our land. Clear example of the Christians are not doing. We as the human race have allowed this. God gave us the keys to rule the earth. Look what WE have done to it…unless we change it will only get worse!!

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