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    Must-Have Israel Gear!

    We're getting ready to celebrate 66 years of the state of Israel. Here are some of our favorite creative ways you can participate in the fun! What Israel gear will you be sporting?

    Star of David shoe laces


    Be dressed from head to toe with these Star of David shoe laces. The best part? It's free and you can do it yourself! Directions here

    Happy Birthday Israel nails


    Most nail salons will be happy to help you deck out your nails with Israeli themed decals. You can also DIY using blue nail polish and a toothpick.

    Zionist Tic-Tacs


    We aren't sure if these are still available, but last year Tic-Tacs came out with special edition Israeli Mix blue and white Tic-Tacs.

    With these, even your breath will be celebrating 66 years of Israel!

    I Heart Israel cell phone cases

    These I <3 Israel cell phone cases are sure to complete any Israel themed outfit!

    You can order one here

    Israeli Flag Ballgown


    If t-shirts and hats aren't enough for you, you can always go for something a little more eccentric like an Israeli flag themed ball gown.

    Don't forget to top it off with some balloons. Your local fabric store will love you!

    Israel Flag Baked Goods


    For something for realistic, you can bake these Israel flag cupcakes using blue and white frosting and a little blue food coloring. Best part? They're kosher!

    Find the recipe here.

    Israeli Flag Ties

    For all you gentlemen out there, spruce things up with these custom Israeli flag ties from Zazzle. You can order your own here.

    Israeli flag sunglasses


    If you're looking for a real New Year's Eve feel, you can purchase these Israeli flag sunglasses here.

    If you're looking for something more practical, order a pair of I heart Israel sunglasses here!

    Israeli Flag Shot Glasses


    Drink to 66 years of Israel with this Israel flag shot glass!


    A wedding dress


    Because if things go really well with that Israeli flag ball gown, you may also be needing one of these.

    Burgers Bar Special Edition Boxes

    And just in case you get hungry during the Yom Haatzmaut festivities, you can always stop by Israeli restaurant Burgers Bar to pick up a newly revamped Burgers Bar box in honor of Israel's 66th.