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    7 Ways Ted Cruz's E-Fairness Opposition Puts Him Out Of Touch With Texas

    Recently, Senator Ted Cruz has teamed up with special interests groups and DC lobbyists to deny Texas entrepreneurs the right to fair competition in the free market. Cruz's actions have sparked outrage among local small business owners and Texas Tea Party leaders alike. It seems that he may not be as in touch with his home state as we all think. Here’s just a few ways that prove it.

    1. While Ted Cruz cozies up to DC lobbyists…

    Texas small businesses are struggling to stay open.

    Gregg Burger, owner of Precision Camera

    Austin, Texas

    2. As Ted Cruz flip flops on supporting conservative principles…

    Greg Skidmore / Via

    Texas Tea Party leaders call him out on his hypocrisy.

    3. While Ted Cruz looks out for his own presidential ambitions…

    Greg Skidmore / Via

    Texas small business owners look out for their communities.

    Kiki Martin, owner of Scripture Stall

    San Antonio, Texas

    4. While Ted Cruz gallivants across the country giving speeches on the American Dream…

    Greg Skidmore / Via

    He denies it to local small business owners back home.

    Deryl Oldag, owner of Oldag Guns

    New Braunfels, Texas

    5. Ted Cruz loves to TALK about cutting taxes…

    Greg Skidmore / Via

    Yet he stands in the way of slashing the Texas Margins Tax.

    6. Ted Cruz may drone on and on about job creation…

    Greg Skidmore / Via

    But his words ring hollow when he’s blocking 139,000 new Texas jobs.

    7. While Ted Cruz works to tilt the free market in favor of big online retailers LIKE ALIBABA…

    Greg Skidmore / Via

    Texas entrepreneurs school him on what a free market actually means.

    David Kruger, Kruger's Jewelers

    Austin, Texas

    Hear more from the Texas entrepreneurs Senator Cruz is betraying by opposing E-fairness.

    View this video on YouTube

    So, raise your hand if you think Ted Cruz is out of touch with Texas and true, conservative principles like the free market, tax cuts, and entrepreneurship…

    Greg Skidmore / Via

    …and in favor of giving special tax treatment to mega online retailers from China.

    View this video on YouTube

    Yeah, we think so too.

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