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    10 Things That Stand Up Has Already Delivered

    This election, vote for a passionate team with proven results. But don’t take our word for it, check out the things we have already delivered!

    1. Fast, free Wi-Fi all over campus ✅

    2. An SRC bookshop to buy, swap, and sell old textbooks at the lowest prices ✅

    3. Online lecture recordings for all subjects ✅

    4. Interest free, short term loans for students struggling ✅

    5. Free Krispy Kreme day ✅

    6. Stopping fee deregulation without annoying you on Eastern Avenue every day ✅

    7. A completely free legal service for all students ✅

    8. A real 24/7 library, with all areas open all night ✅

    9. Free lab equipment to borrow in case you accidentally leave yours at home ✅

    10. Free tax-return help ✅

    So this election Stand Up for your SRC, and vote [1] Isabella for President and Ed McCann for VP!

    This page is authorised by Chloe Smith, Arts V.