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    There's A Place In Las Vegas That Serves $47 Tacos

    Spoiler: Caviar is involved.

    Almost everyone can agree that tacos are amazing.

    "Rose. Rabbit. Lie." is a supper club in Las Vegas that specializes in revamped classic dishes, including tacos.

    One of those dishes is the Caviar Taco, made with one of the rarest and most expensive types of caviar.

    It is from a rare species of fish, the Osetra Sturgeon.

    The caviar is placed in a shell made of baked potato, along with Japanese yellowtail and mixed spices.


    The taco is so small it can be eaten in one delicious bite.

    Pro-tip: Let the caviar pop on your tongue to really spread the flavors across your palate.

    Would you eat a Caviar Taco? Watch the latest episode of BuzzFeed's "Worth It" to find out just how good this taco is.

    Watch the latest episode here:

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