I Know I’m A Fatty When…

(Yes, I really ate that much.)

1. I eat a whole sleeve of Oreos

2. Devour a whole bag of chips

3. Go to town on a can of Pringles

4. Finish off the guacamole

5. Eat. All. The Wheat Thins

6. Make off with all the mini donuts

7. Opt for the supersize

8. Don’t leave a single fry at the bottom of the bag

9. Double down on a, erhh, Double Down

10. Eat the whole pizza by myself

12. Lick the plate clean

14. Consume all the candy

17. Get an extra slice of pie

18. Polish off a pint of ice cream

19. Oh who am I kidding, it was totally 2

20. But it’s OK because I just had one of those days

21. And I needed it

23. I’ll totally work out tomorrow

24. And hit the gym extra hard

25. To work off all those extra calories

26. Because that’s what I always tell myself, right?

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