Jeremy Renner Drops The N-Word During An Interview

    A video recently surfaced of an interview with the actor who is promoting the 2005 film, Neo Ned, in which he plays a misguided Neo Nazi. The interview does not bode well for Renner.

    While describing his character and the plot, Jeremy appears to have a misguided take on the movie and racism.

    Jeremy tries to say that it's not okay to use racial slurs such as the N-Word, but then says it twice.

    Additionally, he describes his character (Ned) as a "poor twisted soul." This is fine but Jeremy also claims Ned is not really racist but rather that his character and others in the film are "people with problems" and the movie is about "how they choose to deal with them."

    It's not his best moment.

    For full context, watch the interview below:

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