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    Is Channing Tatum The New Mark Wahlberg?

    Speaking of reverse engineering, it looks like Channing Tatum has unlocked the secrets of Mark Wahlberg's success. Their careers bear striking similarities.

    1. Be an underwear model

    2. Garner critical acclaim early by starring in a gritty New York drama

    (A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints / The Basketball Diaries)

    3. Co-star with Charlize Theron

    (Battle In Seattle, The Yards / The Italian Job)

    4. Get paid to fight people

    (Fighting / The Fighter)

    5. Appear in a crime thriller

    (Public Enemies / The Departed)

    6. Be up for the same roles

    7. Parody oneself on Saturday Night Live

    8. Star in a film based on a true story

    (The Vow / Invincible)

    9. Make a buddy cop film

    (21 Jump Street / The Other Guys)

    10. Strip down on camera

    (Magic Mike / Boogie Nights)

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