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Gay Penguins Become Dads

A pair of king penguins adopted and cared for an abandoned chick.

After nearly a year together at the Odense Zoo in Denmark, the same-sex couple attempted to become parents of their own. Keepers witnessed the pair trying to steal other couples' eggs. And during brooding season, the penguins even tried to incubate a dead herring.

"[The two] seriously wanted to stay with an egg," zoologist Nina Christensen told The Star.

The Odense Zoo reports that the penguins were recipients of an unexpected blessing when a female penguin laid not one but two eggs. She ultimately ditched the second egg, which afforded the male couple to become adoptive parents.

However, before they were given the egg, the males had to practice on artificial eggs. Once proven capable, they received and successfully incubated the egg. The chick was born a month ago but the sex won't be determined for another eight months.

Congrats to the new dads!