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Child Takes On The Game Of Life

In a letter written to "Milton Bradly," a nine-year-old challenges the board game for its gender stereotypes, lack of racial diversity and unrealistic socioeconomic living situations.

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Dear Milton Bradly,

I think your new version of Life® game is unfair.

On the board there is not one black person and you must get married to someone of the opposite sex and you can’t be gay or lesbin. ALso the girls are pink which is stereotypical for “the weaker sex” and the boy pegs are blue which is stereotypical for strengh there are many strong girls and weak boys. Also your game teaches little kids that if you have tons of money you are automaticly happy that is a lie. And you must buy a house which many people can’t afford, and you have a huge paying job. In other words your game is not really life.

written by Nick Packard age 9