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Cafe Owner Condemns Homosexuality In Letter To Lesbian Couple

He handed the couple a hate-filled note as they were leaving the restaurant.

Following a meal at a local cafe in Bern, North Carolina, Ariel and Shawnee McPhail were handed "a letter that stated God's opposition to homosexuality." The sender of the note was none other than the establishment's owner, Ed McGovern.

According to WCTI 12, this is not the first time McGovern has done this. He gave another lesbian couple a similar note. This time, he was prompted to write the letter after seeing the couple kiss outside his restaurant.

Ariel and Shawnee feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion but thought this went too far.

"If we're experiencing it, then other people are too and that's not fair," said Ariel McPhail.

For more on the story, visit WCTI 12.

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