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    8 Olympic Swimmers Modeling Underwear

    The French Olympic swimming team swapped out speedos for HOM underwear in a new ad campaign for the clothing line.

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    Name: Maxime Bussiere

    Stroke: Breaststroke


    Name: Fabien Gilot

    Stroke: Freestyle

    Fun Fact: His Hebrew tattoo means "I am nothing without them."


    Name: Dorian Gandin

    Stroke: Backstroke

    Fun Fact: He shares a bronze medal in the 50m backstroke when he tied with two other swimmers at the 2012 European Swimming Championships.


    Name: Romain Magula

    Stroke: Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke


    Name: Florent Manaudou

    Stroke: Freestyle

    Fun Fact: He's the first Frenchman to take the gold in the 50m freestyle.


    Name: Frederick Bousquet

    Stroke: Freestyle, Butterfly

    Fun Fact: He got naked in front of a webcam this one time. (NSFW)


    Name: Camille Lacourt

    Stroke: Backstroke

    Fun Fact: At 6' 7", Camille is also a model.


    Name: Gregory Mallet

    Stroke: Freestyle

    Fun Fact: He's also a wakeboarder.

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