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6 Moments From The Premiere Of "RuPaul's Drag Race" That'll Make You Gag

The girls brought the drama and the crazy in the premiere of the fifth season. (Warning: Spoilers!)

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1. "The face crack of the century"

Just when it seemed like the introductions were going to be drama-free, the pageant girls arrived. When Coco Montrese walked into the room, Alyssa Edward's jaw dropped so hard you heard her face crack. The "Vanessa Williams of Drag" was not happy to see her nemesis. And with reason, her and Coco's drama goes back to the Miss Gay America when Alyssa lost her crown.


3. All the drowning queens

Most of the girls struggled in the dunk tank, ahem, the underwater photoshoot with Mike Ruiz. Serena ChaCha accidentally revealed her "untuck." Alaska gave up half way through her shoot. And Jinkx is just lucky to be alive at this point. It looked like Jinkx was going to be the first drag queen killed while trying to showcase her "charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent."


4. Suddenly Alaska's horse mask made sense

Alaska struggled in the mini-challenge and Jade Jolie was quick to label her a "bad Sharon Needles." Then she revealed why she donned that horse mask and from there it seemed like things starting falling into place.


5. Serena's bobblehead outfit

Where to begin with this hideous runway outfit? The makeup made it look like her head was detached. The revealing top showed too much "boy." And that wig. Oh that wig. No wonder she ended up in the bottom two.

6. Penny Tration's horrible lip sync

While Serena's outfit may have offended the gods, Penny Tration's lip sync offended everyone else. Though, "Party In The U.S.A." is not exactly a go-to lip sync, Penny's elbow dancing and sweat blotting were just disastrous. She delivered the worst lip sync in the show's history. Bye gurl, bye.