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26 Ordinary Objects Repurposed Into Extraordinary Furniture

Furniture never looked so cool.

1. Shopping Cart to Chair and Side Table

2. Old Chair To Swing

3. Church Pew to Headboard

4. Wooden Ladder To Bookshelf

5. Trolley to Chair

6. Suitcase to Chair

7. Folding Chair to Shelf/Closet Unit

8. Bike to Bathroom Counter

9. Wood Pallet to Bed

10. Leather Belts to Chair

11. Coffee Tables to Shelving Unit

12. Car to Bed

13. Old Screens to Hamper

14. Hangers to Room Divider

15. Library Card Catalog to Liquore Cabinet

16. Bread Box to Docking Station

17. Wine Bottles to Chandelier

18. Milk Crates to Buffet Table

19. Bathtub to Sofa

20. Tractor Tire to Coffee Table

21. Magazines to Stool

22. Telephone Booth to Sofa

23. Cable Reel to Desk

24. Old Books to Room Partition

25. Piano to Bookshelf

26. Bike Tire to Chair Rocker