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    20 Ridiculous Photos Of Male Models

    Everything from pregnant men to fart bubbles. If you're troubled by pubic hair, it's mildly NSFW.

    1. This pose.

    2. A fishy metaphor.

    3. The pregnant man.

    4. "Guns & Ammo"

    5. Clowns. -_____-

    6. A sexy morgue?

    7. All the unnecessary pubes.

    8. Michael Phelps' fart bubble.

    9. This possessed warrior.

    10. This pool party.

    11. These furries' card game.

    12. "Sexy" Wilson.

    13. Whatever is happening here.

    14. The masked man.

    15. This scared kid.

    16. The future of men?

    17. The skeleton crucifix.

    18. This horse.

    19. This "advertisement" for a watch.

    20. This effing photo.

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