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18 Visual Brands For U.S. Presidents

Designer Meg Jannott challenged herself to make visual brands that mix together logos, nicknames and quotes of our nation's commanders-in-chief.

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In an interview with Co.Design, she explains how she each brand came together.

"When I started to work on a president I did do some research to find out traits and characteristics about them--what they were known for, nicknames, etc. Then, I tried to use photography and typography to emulate those things. Some are more successful than others, but that’s all part of the process of the set, I think."

Her mission is to create brands for all of the U.S. Presidents. Check out a selected portion below:


The project is not complete (Reagan is the last to be posted). However, all the presidents before him can be seen on her Tumblr. You can check out her other work here.

(H/T Co.Design)