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    13 Crazy Custom Orthopedic Cast Designs

    Thanks to Casttoo Designs, you can now custom design those boring casts you have to wear when you break something. Broken limbs have never been so fashionable.

    1. Mermaids and Pirates

    2. Unicorns

    3. Bones

    4. X-rays

    5. Zebra Stripes

    6. Henna Tattoos

    7. Tribal Roses

    8. Peace Symbols

    9. Candy and Cupcakes

    10. Daisies

    11. Snakes and Spiders

    12. Koala Bears

    13. Dinosaurs

    For more designs, check out Casttoo's online store.

    (H/T Laughing Squid, Via Braiker)

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