10 Reasons Flip Flops Are Satan’s Shoes

We are in the midst of summer and these “shoes” are EVERYWHERE.

1. The noise.

They are literally named for the obnoxious sound they make. You can hear someone in flip flops coming from a mile away.

2. They give you blisters.

This is a bit extreme, but you get the point.

3. They break ALL the time.

And then you have to be that person walking down the street hobbling with one shoe in your hand.

4. You see everyone’s feet. Even if they are disgusting.


5. What if you have to run?

Even if you are a pro like this guy, you WILL look like a fool and you WILL lose a shoe.

6. Your feet are wet? Prepare to slip and probably break your face.

7. Tall “fashion” flip flops are guaranteed ankle-breakers.

It ain’t worth it.

8. Almost everything your shoes touch, you touch too.

Grass, mud, rocks, vomit? PASS.

9. Your feet are cold indoors, and burn outdoors.

Flip flops are bad, inside and out.

10. They are an unnecessary risk.

Designed by the devil himself.

Solution? Suck it up and put on some sneakers.

Arch support is your friend.

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