20 Ways You Know You Found The One

It’s just that simple to know.

1. They have no problem telling you their daily habits, even if they’re a bit..strange

2. Falling asleep anywhere and at anytime is never an issue

Seriously, anywhere…

And anytime…

3. This is their shower dance

4. They hope you won’t catch when they FOB out

5. They plan every detail to ensure it’s just right

6. Their serious face strikes fear in anyone

7. You both are social butterflies

8. The cuteness is sometimes just too much

9. You both slowly merge into the same personality to a point where it creeps friends and family out

10. Public piggyback rides, yeap

11. They put up with your inability to make a decision

12. Waking up next to them is kind of like this

13. Your friends hate the PDA

14. Even when they annoy you, you still love them

15. A day apart feels like a week

16. They put up with your weird behaviors

17. They are masters of the buffet

18. When you need alone time, they know how to fix it

19. You are both weird…really weird

20. What happens when you tickle them

They are your best friend

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