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    The First Season Of "Shadow And Bone" Is Out, And The Internet Definitely Has Thoughts

    We're here for Ben Barnes and the goat.

    The first batch of Shadow and Bone episodes has arrived, and needless to say, we're absolutely obsessed with the Netflix adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's fantasy trilogy.

    Alina and Baghra

    With Alina Starkov's light-wielding palms, Ben Barnes' hotness, and Milo the goat's cuteness, there's just so much to love about the series.

    Jesper with the goat

    So now we're here to proudly present all of the hilarious commentary on Twitter and Tumblr about the show; keep reading to see what the people have to say!

    1. Here's a casual (and accurate) depiction of all the ships.

    @serpenteve / Via

    2. Ben Barnes is hot.

    If *I* was Alina, I’d be fucking the hot, mysterious general by the end of episode two. Mal is cute and all, but carpe dickum. #ShadowAndBone

    @theferocity / Via Twitter: @theferocity

    3. Darklina is a THING.

    @alinasinej / Via Twitter: @alinasinej

    4. Yup, definitely the same energy!

    @gcldenikolai / Via Twitter: @gcldenikolai

    5. Coming up with Shadow and Bone theories *is* schoolwork, tbh.

    school work school wor school wo school w school schoo scho sch sc s sh sha shad shado shadow shadow a shadow an shadow and shadow and b shadow and bo shadow and bon shadow and bone

    @canislantsov / Via Twitter: @canislantsov

    6. Shadow man is absolutely sending us.

    @misterbrekker / Via

    7. It's just like Joe from You all over again, ugh.

    @yaztthebookish / Via

    8. I mean...

    @taraknowless / Via

    9. Goat content!

    do you know who ACTUALLY understood the assignment? MILO THE GOAT #shadowandbone

    @L0VEDESTIEL / Via Twitter: @L0VEDESTIEL

    10. We're deep in the Grishaverse now, baby.

    @pipedreamjcsten / Via

    11. The goat is therapy.

    @sophie-collins-lightwood / Via

    12. Season 2, where?

    @herondalesofterrasen / Via

    13. Insert the eyes emoji here.

    @starlessalina / Via Twitter: @starlessalina

    14. That's our Sun Summoner, and we love her.

    there was no script for #ShadowAndBone everyone just turned up on set and immediately decided to worship jessie mei li

    @nocontextgrisha / Via Twitter: @nocontextgrisha

    15. Turning on the Ben Barnes fan cam.

    i’m watching #shadowandbone for the plot: the plot:

    @sensualitymalik / Via Twitter: @sensualitymalik

    16. We are looking at Milo respectfully.

    You're in a life-or-death situation. Pick your Milo. #ShadowAndBone

    @samhighfill / Via Twitter: @samhighfill

    17. The Crows were a whole mood, tbh.

    @mirkwoodest / Via

    18. Kaz is a responsible leader.

    @dirtyhandsbrekkers / Via

    19. A point is made.

    the crows are THIEVES, of course they were going to steal the show #ShadowAndBone

    @a24kaz / Via Twitter: @a24kaz

    20. General Kirigan is trouble.

    #shadowandbone #ShadowandBoneNetflix the darkling as tumblr posts:

    @nocontextgrisha / Via Twitter: @nocontextgrisha

    Shadow and Bone is definitely a ride — let us know all your thoughts about it below!