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    Ben Barnes Is A Total Smokeshow, And Here's The Proof

    This man is a whole snack.

    In case you didn't know, this handsome dude is Ben Barnes.

    He's playing The Darkling in the highly anticipated upcoming show, Shadow and Bone. It's based on Leigh Bardugo's popular Grishaverse books, and I cannot wait!!

    Clip of the trailer where Ben, as The Darkling, is talking

    And I thought it would be fun to just gaze at a bunch of pics of this beautiful man. So here are all of Ben's best pics from Instagram:

    1. When he looked absolutely delish in a suit:

    2. When he decided to take a pic with some BUBBLES!:

    3. When his hair was slicked back from swimming:

    4. When he just looked fine AF:

    5. When he offered us a fun color combo:

    6. When he sat on a counter in a sexy version of criss cross applesauce:

    7. When he blessed us with these model vibes:

    8. When he proved that real men wear pink:

    9. When he reminded us that glasses are really hot:

    10. When he laughed so hard, he made this adorable face:

    11. When he showed off his excellent ninja skills:

    12. When he wore the shit outta this tux:

    13. When he got as excited about Hamilton as the rest of us:

    14. When he geeked out over the beauty of nature:

    15. And finally, when he did the Rolling Stones tongue:

    Whew! I think I need a cold glass of water to quench my thirst after all that.